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  1. The Last of Us: Movie

    I love the game hopefully the movie is just as good
  2. Where do you guys live?

    Manchester NH
  3. YCS Philadelphia May 16th - May 18th

    My friend Nick is in the finals. Bring home a win
  4. YCS Philadelphia May 16th - May 18th

    My friend Nick got 27th and is headed to top cut with some sort of Traptrix deck. I wish him good luck

    congrats good job
  6. Do I Wanna Know

    Do you like the troopers over the second and third bandit?
  7. Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays dgz
  8. Kill La Kill, New Show by Hiroyuki Imaishi

    I really like this. Can't wait for more
  9. "community" work

    I ran my local tournament once, help inexperienced players, whether young or around their teens and I give cards away sometimes to those who might need them   Nothing really drives me, I just feel like it should be done
  10. Go! There's Zombies Chasing Us!

    How is Caius working? you could take that out and something else for the bth
  11. What You Know

    You still dont like dragon?
  12. itt i reveal your fears and insecurities

    Survey says...
  13. Things you hate about yourself

    I hate how self conscious Ive become No confidence to back my self up when Im either wanting to talk to a girl or becoming friends with soemone Always caring for what people thinking of me Not good looking enough to be seen I hate that I see the world so empty without a cause worth finding I feel that everyone hates me and just pretends to be happy around me