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  1. Who is your favorite Migo

    takeoff is the best offset brings the style Quavo brings the hooks (super star) If you been about it since juug season 1 you know!
  2. Who is your favorite Migo

    das wassup
  3. League of Legends

    Riots balancing is so off whack my god but i guess my eyes are open to it now we'll get a few cycles from tank to mid to jungle hard carry as usual and end with a somewhat empty feeling for that season   gonna try and see if i can smurf to diamond playing ashe only the masteries with utility actual opening interesting engaging gameplay
  4. dayum baby daddy status pending!     Hows everyone been doing dgz looks active as ever does ygo still have the traction and name with dgz it used to have back in the day?
  5. League of Legends

      yoyoyo remember me bruva its louie holla at me on league (ign: SYN 3DGoD) sometime havent spoken to you in like 4 years lool       Ive done a few ranked teams now you should speak with your support make sure hes on the same page with you and then move forward to bring the issue up to the team and have him backing you up. Usually comes down to you can hard carry the games through sheer skill regardless of enemy pressure or your solo laners and jungle hold it down for you and pull their weight. Synergy between every team mate should be just as strong as your bot lane duo and everyone has to strive to improve it beyond that. In all the teams i played in i can say what I learnt was "the sum of the team must be greater than its parts" basically you guys need to step up and make your team do srs werk start with team comps and then move up to strategies revolving around map pressure and objectives. Since you are a team everything should be out in the open(my opinion) how you go about it has varying results (ppl ragequittin skype/ts) and through doing so everyone can identify strengths and weaknesses and you can then as a team figure how you fix it or sadly if it can be fixed and go from there. I rambled a bit up above but i think its useful information best way to start carrying as bot lane is basing your strategy around objectives in bronze/silver you can easily control drag enemy red and enemy mid tower with swift rotations and lvl 3-6 all ins all you need to do is have mid go even and force enemy bot lane to go back to base and ideally have a tp top laner that can roam down to drag and tp back to top (alternatively you can tp to drag then walk to bot but you may trade a tower so choose wisely).   Also go over replays its boring as fuck but you can find some laning mistakes real quick if you see you are getting chunked etc in trades whether you should take them or not and so on. One technique you can practice with your support is u draw an imaginery line in the lane and it moves with you always 1 step ahead of you, the goal of this line is to keep the support and adc side by side so that you can never be outraded and when u want to harass it will be done in unison or when you want to cs you can trade back at low cost compared to being poked for free. this forces coordination you will learn as you climb or play with 1 player all the time and you can build up from there. If you are going to make sure you are the hard carry for the team make sure you pick accordingly in terms of champ pool ezreal will not hard carry a bad team and graves will struggle a bit etc jinx corki maybe vayne and cait are more the types and usually whats flavour of the month. Hope i helped ^^     not really   if you keep losing consistently it means you probably shouldn't be in X league and the system tries to make sure you are in your correct league so it will make you lose alot more and gain less      That's not really how it works but ok   it actually is if you drop from diamond 5 to plat 4 your MMR is below platinum 5 because as soon as you get demoted to platinum I your mmr is an entire division below. if you lose that many games the system wants you to keep losing so why should you get more LP than you gain? same thing happened to me before I dropped from silver I to silver 5 then i just climbed back if you did it before you can do it again.     can confirm that this guy is right btw not sure why he got negged :O once your win rate drops to like 40/45% you start to drop once your high up in plat/diamond just grind through it till you can smash the competition.
  6. League of Legends

    can see it working but dealing with invades will suck ass his dueling is trash vs lee elise invades imo cds too much clear will be meh but sustain should be pretty dope, naut mao i can see doing werk
  7. League of Legends

    I cant handle the fact skt are so good its enraging. Its one thing if they were the best players in each role and got put together as an all star lineup but they each came through as pretty much nobodies and are an unstoppable 5 (bar faker being solo q hero). Like what do you do when you are practicing as hard as you can and they come through like yeh we da bes (no dj khaled) even when we are playing at sub optimal level. That said quite rare to witness domination of this sort maybe Tyson in the 80's was the last bonjwa.
  8. League of Legends

    oh god i botched my placements so hard went 3-7 dropped from gold 1/plat5 mmr to silver 4 god bless omw back up grinding now or straight to the pits of bronze
  9. League of Legends

    As a mid laner im really liking the season 4 changes atm, theres a few op stuff in terms of items but overall its decent. I didnt expect much from riot and I wont ever but compared to preseason last year this isnt too shabby. I like that as a mid roaming bot can pay off more and snowball my support, take objectives and the explorer ward although its not much allows for nice bursts of aggressive play while you can track the enemy jungle for the 1st 5 mins. What I dislike atm is the fact that leona can solo me with triforce and some bs when im wandering around at 50% hp, other than that so far all is good for mid laners. Whats everyones opinions on the other roles care to fill me in? supports seem happy with more money but not much vision control adc is still afk farming. From what ive read jungle is booty sweat?
  10. League of Legends

    Lool this game is breaking me i finally got back into silver climbed into silver 3 and ive just hit a brick wall i know im bad relative to good players but its insane that at mid silver i cant really do much to win a game it seems really futile in alot of games, its like no lp if you arent the guy 7/0 by 10 someone shed some wisdom on this ranked phenomenon my brain is really frazzled.
  11. League of Legends

      added u guys lata aint played since july so i didnt bother if i see you on we can run some games if you up for it
  12. League of Legends

    Who here is euw? im guessin dg is pretty much NA only?
  13. League of Legends

    Been playing adc and doing really well now since i realized im not faker status yet, bot lane is hell you dont know what kind of baddie you get paired with also fucking ashe bush camping lvl 1 has cost me too many games because of facechecking blitzkranks >.> Also right now fucking triforce is taxing my win rate im stressed out heard there are pbe nerfs tho. omw to gold nearly silver 3 gonna have to bootcamp to get there by novemeber life keeping me busy.     Also worlds right now is soo godlk im really loving china and how gmb are playing overall. The phillipino team is also bringing a nice showing despite their score I like them they can become beastly i think if they get exp and less fanboyish
  14. League of Legends

    they all taken up it seems on euw wanted dat blitz ty for posting them tho!