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  1. Nightclub Dress Code

    they love neckbeards more
  2. Nightclub Dress Code

    Most clubs I've heard of have a no-trainer policy. There is this one club in the town centre near me that lets people wear trainers, as long as they're not really obviously trainers.
  3. I am going to be in New York from Tuesday morning to Saturday morning, and a sad as it sounds, I would really like to to a locals in the US. I have never played Yugioh outside of the UK, and was wondering if anyone would be able to direct me to a locals in New York City that happens in that timeframe I will love you forever. I am staying right in Times Square, so I would preferably like somewhere near to that please.   Thanks in advance.
  4. Nightclub Dress Code

    I live in England and only recently turned 18. I have never been to a nightclub, and was wondering if anyone could help me with what an acceptable dress code would be? I am thinking of wearing light wash skinny jeans, boat shoes and a nice button-up shirt. Would this be an acceptable way to dres to a nightclub in the UK? I have been to two DnB raves before however, and both times I wore jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, and no one said anything to me about the way I was dressed. To be honest, what I was wearing was a lot smarter than some of the other messes there lol.   This is probably a really naive question but I really need to know as I don't want to get to the club only to be turned away.   Thanks in advance.
  5. Hacking an FB account

    I know im being childish but its not that big of a deal. I probably overexaggerated when I said he went too far, but essentially I only wanna do to him what he did to me. I know for sure that he will take it as a joke, so I honestly dont see why people have decided to be a white knight over something they dont have a clue about.
  6. Hacking an FB account

    im not tryna ruin his life jeez guys
  7. Hacking an FB account

      well obviously this isnt what hacking is, but for lack of a better word I decided that hacking would fit best
  8. Hacking an FB account

      I have worked with Cain and Abel previously, but not to do anything like this.   Also, please don't make assumptions
  9. Hacking an FB account

  10. Smoke 4!

      acid is literally one of the best things you can do. just be prepared for a loooong ass trip. I've had trips that have lasted for well over 12 hours, and it feels a lot longer,
  11. Hacking an FB account

    To be honest, its a really petty reason. Me and my friend have this this where if we are around eachother, we take eachother's phone and text someone something off of it. Usually it is something really childish and lighthearted, but recently he took it too far and I just want to get back at him.
  12. Hacking an FB account

    [spoiler]Before I say anything, I just wanna get out there that I am not doing this for no reason, but please do not question me on why I would like to know this.[/spoiler]   Basically, I need to hack in to a friend's Facebook account. I have their email, and know enough about them to make an educated guess on certain security questions. However, I need to do this without them knowing or finding out.   Does anyone here have any experience on how to go about doing such a thing, and if so, how?   Thanks in advance.
  13. Teeth Help

  14. no-poo?

    oil shampoo is pretty good
  15. Welcome Home

    Im starting to pay more attention to the game after a short break. I am looking to play this deck, and so Id like to know what problems you feel this deck (and specifically this build) is faced with in the current meta