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  1. Frozen

    fun stuff
  2. Voyager

    Its working pretty consistently, has a great match up against mirror. Book and compulse are combo breakers. CcCcCcCombo Breaker!
  3. What to play for US nats??

    were you guys at the 5k?
  4. What to play for US nats??

    Thanks for the input guys Jigga brought up some good points, considering going back to the deck I know. Btw jigga are you from FL?
  5. What to play for US nats??

    idk, quickdraws boring as hell though. Playing it makes me wanna scroop mid game out of boredom.
  6. What to play for US nats??

    I could build sabers/infernities if I wanted but ive played my friends saber deck and dont really like it, and infernities dont go with my playstyle. Yeah im actually liking straight LS, I draw pretty good with it and people arent really prepared to go up against it, plus I get to side consecrateds
  7. What to play for US nats??

    This isnt last format where it was Zombies and LS.. Theres a lot of decks that are considered meta and win.
  8. What to play for US nats??

    Yeah im really leaning toward GB, the deck just seems really solid to me compared to other decks this format. In theory BW should have really good match-ups this format with oppression/icarus, but imo other decks just set up a lot faster.
  9. So i've been playing BW since the deck came out and its kinda blehh now, so what should I play for Nats? I could play BW, I have access to all LS variants, GBs, Machina, Frogs, Quickdraw, basically anything meta but infernitys/sabers.
  10. gj luis, you ever find your phone? lolol
  11. Tallahassee X-0 Report

    His deck is nuts
  12. Tallahasee Regional 12th place report

    Thats true, I really wanted that mat though lol especially after every single person I played had the stupid shining darkness one like me.............lol
  13. Tallahasee Regional 12th place report

    yeah dude I hate that shit, when I played matt it was like sirroco swing for 4, sirocco swing for 4, sirocco swing for 4.....
  14. So I get home from testing friday night at around 10:30 and decide not to go to sleep because I have to leave at 3:30 and know I wont wake up. I end up playtesting some more for a few hours at my friend xanders, come home take a shower, play some WoW then head to Jeans and meet up with Dj, Zombie chris, Jean and Chou. After a 4 hour drive we finally make it, seems to be a small regionals. I meet up with some other friends get some food then round 1 starts. Round 1 BW Vs BW(Matt) This really sucks cause we're friends and neither of us have our inv Game 1: I think he main decked atleast 7 siroccos plus DaD for game. Game 2: This game I had 10 main decked siroccos plus DaD for game. Game 3: I have Borra on the field ,some random spell/trap set, and D.D crow in hand. He has none in hand tops blizzard, crow does work, next turn I draw Shura for game. I really hate playing friends...The game was really close though. 1-0 Round 2 BW Vs BW Game 1: I do what BWs do and Icarus attack answers, summon monsters attack for game. Game 2: ^ 2-0 Round 3 BW Vs Quickdraw Game 1: He gets full field with tytannial and fluff tokens, I attempt to TT, but he has call set and attacks for game. Game 2: I drop gorz and im starting to gain a lot of advantage, but a brain and topped LaDD stops me.. 2-1 Round 4 BW Vs Quickdraw/Plant Variant Game 1: Royal Oppression/D.D Crow/Armed Wing do work. Game 2: I open crossout against his ryko and just keep poking with a monster for game. 3-1 Round 5 BW Vs Gravekeepers Game 1: he sets infinite backfield, plays necrovalley, summons assailant, then next turn royal tributes my hand of 3 monsters....Im like wow im not winning this one, but some how I slowly use up his resources, Shura gets me back in the game cause hes a boss, and eventually win. Game 2: Pretty much the same things as last time except the royal tribute. I lose a lot of life but end up pulling through. 4-1 Both of these games I had like 200 life left. Round 6 BW Vs BW Another mirror....Awesome... Game 1: He opens monster whirlwind, and just plays really aggro with borras and DaD for game. Game 2: I open Whirlwind monster, gain advantage with icarus/shura, then finally push for game. Game 3: I open 2 sirroco 2 shura brain control and solemn, so im like wow this is pretty good. He set 2 spell/trap and a monster, I summon a monster and attack into blizzard or vayu, within the next turn he pulls off some crazyness with Goyo DaD and double borra after he cleared my field I take it up the butt....If I would have survived I would have had it but w/e, thats yugioh for ya 4-2 Round 7 BW Vs BW A fourth mirror........................................................................ Game 1: I really dont rember how I won. Game 2: I open dustshoot to see his hand of 2 blizzard,shura,vayu,mind, and icarus, I send back the shura and play around his hand to win. 5-2 I dont think im going to get my invite, knowing my luck I thought I was gonna get 17th or something like that. I put my headphones on ,listen to some music and take a nap for like 30 mins. The standing are posted and DJ tells me im 12th, so im pretty happy I got my invite. My friend Justin ends up top 8ing with gadgets so thats pretty cool. While top 8 was playing out, I played Jeans infernity deck, and Jakes awesome GB deck that he went undefeated with again , shits ridiculous. After that we pack up and head home, good day. Props: Finally got my invite D.D fucking Crow Black meat dragon New build works good The car ride there and back Justin top 8ing Slops: 4 mirror matches playing a friend matt and david barely missing their invites Running on no sleep Monsters DaD - Gorz - Shura - - - Borra - - - Sirroco - - - Kalut - - - Blizzard - - Vayu - - Gale - D.D Crow - Spells Black WhirlWind - - Book of Moon - - Allure of Darkness - Cards for Black Feathers - Brain Control - Mystical Space Typhoon - Heavy Storm - Traps Icarus Attack - - - Bottomless Trap Hole - - Royal Oppression - - Dust Tornado - Solemn Judgment - Torrential Tribute - Trap Dustshoot -