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  1. imo the bets are fine and people who don't pay should be taken serious, and just banned.
  2. Legendary Six Samurais

    why no safe zone
  3. X-Saber - Discussion

    Yeah and that's pretty reasonable but is it really worth it to bank on those cards when they can be ryko'd mst trunade or whatever? I don't think I've won a single game against plants using sabers, and I barely went 50/50 using a skill drain doomcali darkworld deck. I don't want to use sabers in that meta and look at my opening hand and tell if I won or not. That feeling sucks when you know you can't do anything about it besides set t - set and hope opponent has autism. With sams, you can sometimes block their key s/t, safe zone on shien with another samurai is good, maga kills rykos and mst. I can on occassion outspeed the deck, certainly more often than saber, and I have access to naturia landroise and Trish given 2 card combos.
  4. X-Saber - Discussion

    they ryko your backrow. im all open to ideas but testing on DN you get like max 2 turns to set up on plant. there is no late game. you should think about how sabers win, and also realize librarian plant will be the best deck of the format. I have rarely dropped gottoms faultroll and take 3 cards out of their hand t2, it doesn't happen. that requires you to open saber plus saber plus troll plus out to trap cards, and usually a ecall or something to make the gottoms drop better. I think you are on the same page with me regarding sabers, but underestimate plants. The plant decks you see now are garbage in comparison to librarian plant. Librarian has more tutors, less dead cards, and one synchro can easily win them the game. 90% of my losses on dn are to some plant player.
  5. X-Saber - Discussion

    Sams CAN be faster than plants, not saying they will always be. Plants set up for one to like max two turns. At that early in the game, unless you somehow draw Jesus, how are sabers going to win lol. Fuhem will have nothing in the graveyard, and airbellum is one card. i mean yeah if you open boggart tuner faultroll GEC warning sure
  6. X-Saber - Discussion

    lol? The plant matchup is awful for sabers since your emmers are dead, and they outspeed you everygame. with sams you can keep shien out and use protect key trap cards, and outspeed plants. you can't play the reactive game vs librarian plant, since any time they drop librarian they should win, and saber can't prevent all their stuff. disregarding that, guy valued emmers @ 40 and darksouls @ 25 so I easily won out value wise.
  7. X-Saber - Discussion

    I hadn't played the deck before the event but it is just so boring and unreliable. i either had the nuts, or set a emmers or made some floater play. I don't see the deck standing up to librarian plant at all so no point in losing value when I can trade it for sam
  8. X-Saber - Discussion

    played this at a regs today granted I topped, this deck sucks. i will never play this dumb shit again and traded it for samurai immediately afterwards.
  9. Questions about IT professions

    uh i am generic high school student and have no idea what any of this programming stuff is. how would one get started with all this coding/programming career material? edit: math is probably my best subject so yea
  10. X-Saber - Discussion

    what do people think about 3 fautroll because frog/plant are becoming popular?
  11. Dueling Network

    omg you play only 7 DW monsters!!!! wtf, why is this happening? sorry dude but you sacked the shit outta me I did sack u opening mjar is amazing. If you want the deck to be competitive you can't play tons of these guys because they do nothing without mjar or the field spell. Grepha is decent but not very game winning at all. Most of the time I'd rather have a better card than broww and using it for the field spell never happens unless it's the only dw in your hand and the cards you want to draw into in the deck are limited. oh also skill drain, that card is good
  12. Dueling Network

    i beat (sacked) slick with dw yesterday I believe. dark deal might work if you use tons of dw monsters but 3 silva 3 gold 1 grepha works for me on top of the field spell 3 doomcali and 3 tengu etc.
  13. "i dont like emmersblade this format"
  14. Dueling Network

    oh was that you? sry but you used your call and reborn awful and i have no idea why you would go mist wurm over trish when all i have is a f/d monster and s/t to your already set barrier. the only reason i was about to win was because you put sangan back in my hand so i could use it as brionac fodder once i baited out your barrier. you wasted your resources lol all i had to get was get over a field of 3 synchros sj and a barrier to win. you also misplayed by topdecking the mirage for psz into a pointless brionac instead of summoning it imo.