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  1. assuming you have a high scale. decision is sc 1 master is sc 2 (use master to pop himself) high scale is sc 3
  2. Pot of Desires

    nvm they dont work.
  3. Pot of Desires

    i feel like this could allow esper girl, and psychic shennanagins, as well as d-alch.
  4. This is the list i cam up with from the past couple of days, ignore side board, it carried over from a draft of an old version.
  5. So it's just a dark pepe build. I think everything is readable in the picture but if you can't see the monsters in the second row. It consists of: Monkeyboard, Skullcrobat, BW-Zepheros, Shaddoll Dragon, Archfiend Eccentrick, Silver Claw. I tend to really enjoy one of cards in decks, If I dont feel like they're necessary to combos then i try to play the least amount of them. I absolutely adore twin twister as a card. like yeah, it could be MST and I could have that extra combo piece, but I just enjoy this mainly because it lets me ditch master, and zeph. Obviously you can't always have it, but that is ideal. There's two armageddon knight without rota, because I don't like ROTA. If you're in the situation where you can rota for arma, then you didn't need arma. I see him as a combo extender or a book of moon with a body. He's also ngihtmare material. My idea going into the event was that, I was gonna see a lot of PK/Ba, Since I was part of the reason that deck got really popular around these parts. However I only ended up playing four, two infernoid, one mirror, and a monarch deck. I ended the day x-1-1. My losses to Grant W, and a tie with an infernoid player. The traps probably look a little weird and it probably seems like a lot of spells. But I choose chicken game over upstart because instead of giving my opponent the 1000, i'll just put the clock on myself instead of making it harder fo rme. I don't feel like I have all the extra damage to just spit out. so I want as close to 8500 as possible most of the time. Also it's fodder for the wizard effect. Because I hate hitting both of my scales, and you lose plays hitting your monster. Zepher and Chicken game kinda give you an extra card, That play didn't come up as much in the event as it did in testing because everyone here was playing awkwardly. You might ask why there's grandhorns instead of 3 strikes, and why im not playing guiding. Going into the event two of my teammates play PK so i knew that build was extremely slow starting off. And you can still get gamed through like 2 strikes. on a Decent hand with good mills from that dend. So the idea was to maxx 'c' them, let them dougie a little bit, and then grandhorn the removal, ex, breaksword or whatever. because it stops their damage for game. and they gave you like 2+ cards already, so it's like you get another turn, and a +1 to hand. At least, which in like 5 of my games was gamebreaking and won me the match. My extra Deck was: 3 Ignister 2 Dinoster 1 Majester 1 Dweller 1 Castiel 1 Utopia 1 S39 Utopia 1 Diamond Dire 1 Utopic Future 1 E-swarm Nightmare 1 Norden 1 Hope Harbringer The reason I played F0 was because in a lot of the match ups, you only need the dweller or the majester to live for the turn you summon it, and the turn after, and then they just get stuck on the board. So it allows you to free up a spot on their board and change the damage around. I used it to otk the infernoid player round one because he left a raiden out. My side deck wasn't anything special the MVP cards were Flying C, Effect Veiler, MST, and Imperial Iron Wall. There were multiple games where flying C/twister/Mst simply won me game 2 and 3. Because of the sheer amount of BA players. Every game I won against Infernoid was due to Iron Wall. Highlights: 2-0ing Joey Lynch He stated that I was the first person to take a match off him in his last two regionals, so that was really nice to hear. Idk what else to explain, so I can elaborate if there's any questions.  
  6. sure give me a bit to write out the deck and all that jazz.
  7. Just got 8th at San Antonio Regional.
  8. was curious cause im not really up to date with meta changes and all. Im familiar with what the deck does, but i'm not a great pilot. Was also very curious on extra deck changes due to giant hand, and titanic
  9. Are builds changing after the release of gold series?
  10. Any good comic shops in Texas?

    s/o my mufuckin peoples   Remember when we'd play till 1 AM for 3 packs of raging battle and a structure deck? Good times xD   So yeah OP, the only good place to play currently in SA is Heroes and Fantaties - Fridays and Saturdays have decent turn out. I quit a while back but from what I've been told the comp. has gotten better.   I remember playing for cards until like 3 am. but i dont remember no 3 packs until the decline of gamelot. </3
  11. Let's Talk About Shadolls

      Instant Fusion is treated as a proper Fusion Summon.   --------   Falcon would be summoning it facedown anyways, which defeats most of the purposes of reviving Midrash, since there would be no Shaddoll S/T in the grave for you to take, anyways.   ---------   Also, finally a good use for Core's huge level. Shaddoll Core + Falcon = Star Eater Star Eater gets over Apoqliphort.   Is it really a proper summon? That's fucking amazing. +1 to the knowledge bank.
  12. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    You might as well just summon midrash with instant fusion, synch arcanite, and use arcanite as the light monster. I don't see why you would run musician king just because it's light, even though you probably have the space in this deck   See this play would be amazing if it didn't burn through a midrash that wasn't properly summoned. Because falcon would just be able to special him back in defense, but he didn't some out properly.  
  13. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    Hmm knowing that is interesting. IT's like, add crane, pop a backrow. It wouldn't be that I'd be running shadolls with bujins but inversely. I'll go into testing this.
  14. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    Does yamato trigger the shadoll effects?
  15. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    pretty sure he's talking about musician king. Because musician king+falco=arcanite.