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  1. What song are you listening to now?

    King Nothing - Metallica
  2. What song are you listening to now?

    Ronnie - Metallica
  3. What song are you listening to now?

    Some Kind of Monster - Metallica
  4. Young, not three days ago. ^_^
  5. how do i let someone know i dont like them

    Get them to say Candle ja
  6. Counter Fairy[PTDN]

    Still have that Counter Fairy fetish eh Sky?
  7. Sega Genesis ROMS to get?

    Ristar Phantasy Star 4 Anything Sonic Shining Force 2
  8. Sega Genesis ROMS to get?

    You mean Roms?
  9. I lold uncontrollably

  10. Shoot 'Em Up

    It was okay. Lots of lame one liners which I love. Monica Bellucci is a babe.
  11. New FTK 96.87%

    You're Endless.
  12. PERFECT albums!

    You think Metallica has 2 perfect albums. Metallica isnt Death Metal. I think he's trying an elaborate way of saying "You're wrong!" as opposed to calling Metallica death metal. Whatever. Hai Vito!
  13. PERFECT albums!

    You think Metallica has 2 perfect albums. Metallica isnt Death Metal.
  14. Guitar Hero 3.

    After spending about a week stuck on Cult of Personality on Expert, I 3 starred One, Number of the Beast and Cliffs of Dover in one day. Raining Blood... I love this game, only thing better than getting to play One, is the metal version of Devil Went Down to Georgia. Hell yes.
  15. Wow this shit is still here.

    Bet you I did.
  16. PERFECT albums!

    I cant breathe!
  17. Funniest Member

    you missed out on his crazy smash on brian bodkin... exposed his lies of getting laid all the time... he actually is still a virgin and the chick he claimed to have touched his penis got her cherry popped by another dude mid relationship... truely an epic moment in DGz history Scandalous.
  18. PERFECT albums!

    OR full of people with oppressive views on music. I define a perfect album as an album you listen to and at no time do you ever think to skip a song. It also has a profound effect on the genre as a whole.
  19. Funniest Member

    I wasnt aware of Giel ever being funny. Has this changed? I would vote for Whoo.
  20. DG sucks now because of all you faggots

    Tradition. There cannot be awesome people without faggots to tell how awesome they are.
  21. PERFECT albums!

  22. Looking to expand my library.

    Based on your bolds, I cant help you.
  23. Game of the Year 2007

    Burning Crusade Folklore. Didnt play too many games this year.
  24. PERFECT albums!

  25. songs you like by artists you hate

    I used to like Floyd til I realised they were just Steely Dan with a helicopter. And then you started watching Lazytown. This changed everything. Love how you didnt get the joke so you have to revert to jokes that werent even funny when someone with more intelligence cracked them. Seriously, grow up.