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  1. ZombieSworn

  2. itt non ygo people discover you play ygo

    Yeah i've had shit before, but really i just brush it aside. At the end of the day i don't say anything unless i'm asked about it. Your friends are your friends at the end of the day, and they'll always be with you, if some random faggot wants to give you shit try not to let it get to you. Like outside of my Yu Gi Oh circle nobody knows i play this game, not even my family. It's just a hobbie that i really enjoy if some random fags don't understand that like i care, i'll keep playing and enjoying this game for as long as i keep enjoying it. Great thread btw Bodan.
  3. Jinzo Returner And Mass Driver

    Fair enough i appreciate i asked a stupid question, but as i said i was only asking it because the guy who runs our local tourns was saying it worked so, i had to ask to make sure. Thank you for being civil toward me though, i've taken on board what u've said, and i'm just going to drop it now.
  4. Waxed Wings

    Yeah i like 3 Celestia 2 Wulf i just find if i play 3 i open with them to much, and just auto lose.
  5. -LightLords 0.3-

  6. Waxed Wings

    I tried 3 Aurkus really did not like it. I don't like 3 Celestia 3 Wulf either, bar that looks solid.
  7. -LightLords 0.3-

    Test out trap stuns been working really well for me.
  8. Jinzo Returner And Mass Driver

    Wow of course it occured to me know need to be a complete dick. I was only asking because a guy at my local was using it and i wanted confirmation that it did not work. It's not like they're arn't cards that use one name but the effect also applies to another card. Like i don't know where you get off tbh you build this cool deck and think you're the fucking shit now. I would 2 0 you 9 times out of 10 seriously i was just asking a fucking question jesus. A guy asks about fucking victory dragon ffs and basically nothing is said. You people need to drop the agenda you now have against me i'll play any of you for cash/cards anytime.
  9. Jinzo Returner And Mass Driver

    It actually wasn't stupid. I didn't realise returner could only get back jinzo so my bad, there really was no need to try and look clever then. As for the ls thing i'm sorry for having an opinion.
  10. Jinzo Returner And Mass Driver

    Basically i play mass driver tribute jinzo returner, get another jinzo returner rinse and repeat for infinite damage.
  11. Jinzo Returner And Mass Driver

    It's really not that hard to understand, does it work or not is what i'm wanting to know, or can you not get another jinzo returner with jinzo returner or something?
  12. Basically if i just tribute jinzo returner for driver special jinzo, does that just do infinite damage?
  13. I got Angel Von Chong 2 1. With the tier 4 deck that is Lightsworn.
  14. Tier List

    Yeah i wasn't trolling, honestly i thought this ban was completly unjustified but w e. All i was doing was mearly saying this deck is still good, it definitly isn't tier 3 and 4 that is just people being in denial. I got top 8 at my regional on Saturday with ls and got my invite so w e, deck isn't dead everyone can keep being in denial that's the last i'm saying of it.