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  1. Antic v. Panorama

    i scoop g3 to wins cuz i g2g. he mighta won anyways but i had mirror sorry, i'll make more time next time, hes not bad
  2. SixShooter's Hypothetical #2

    sarcophagus for malicious
  3. SixShooter's Hypothetical #1

    set mst / tomato. they attack, u search out snipe hunter. mst ep, discard reaper attack
  4. Blue Magic

    thanks akeem
  5. Just because I got the damn book...

    hino wont return which is good. his discard effect is in damage step tho so if he gets out both he wins
  6. Blue Magic

    [3] D. D. Survivor [3] Raiza The Storm Monarch [3] Chrystal Seer [2] Exiled Force [3] Thestalos The Fire Storm Monarch [2] Apprentice Magician [2] Old Vindictive Magician Breaker The Magical Warrior [3] Dimensional Fissure Reinforcement Of The Army Soul Exchane [3] Dark Bribe [3] Solemn Judgment [3] Dimensional Confinement [2] Macro Cosmos [2] Pulling The Rug Torrential Tribute Mirror Force Trap Dust Shoot edit -mobius +3rd thestalos
  7. eMp [vs] Team ETC

    ur bad kid gtfo
  8. GLAS Promo and Shueisha Cards

    couldnt u use ice dragon with skreech?
  9. what is up ...

    u realize that is based off your cookies?what have you been looking at lately?
  10. Joost

    www.joost.com really neat website to watch tv.
  11. 40 YARD DASH

    then it gets negated?
  12. Antic v. Panorama

    you can ceasefire to exodia and win
  13. Antic v. Panorama

    chains go backwards, whoever said they had it second won.
  14. Beastly

    Nah man.why? it works with manticore
  15. BlackSwift [Vs] Antic

    both of u on now lol