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  1. Nekroz - Discussion

    So I don't really understand why everyone runs the 1 archmage. Can someone explain this to me? I personally think the card is just bad. I understand it searches out Valk that part I get but besides that the card is just terrible to me.
  2. Nekroz - Discussion

    So I'm up and was just playing a little ygopro and came across a somewhat old card that could be useful in the mirror match. Instead of kycoo has anyone brought up maybe running Chaos Hunter? If you are on the wrong end meaning having to go second against the mirror this could really put a damper in there whole turn while a also putting a 2500 body on board. That's a little harder to deal with then a kycoo. Also I know there's the whole discard cost but I mean really in this deck that not such a big deal. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Nekroz - Discussion

    Why not just main hidden armory in the main? I like the idea of running 3 snatch steal in any game 1 over most other choices. Plus we know every other deck mains emptiness so we are at a big disadvantage going 2nd. I feel like 2 dark hole, raigeki, 3 snatch steal means we should never really have to worry about emptiness or certain other plays. I also main 3mst preference cards just to good imo not to play.
  4. Shaddoll - Discussion

    So Mike Balan and I were talking at regionals yesterday and he brought up to me that him and Patrick were talking and test playing flash fusion over poly. It acts as ell shaddoll fusion but only for on the field. It doesn't fix the all monster hands but that as just brought up to me.
  5. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Thx squiddy ;) I did test spell shattering and the problem with it was simple. It only hits spells. Twister only hits 1 card. Fairy wind just solves all the problems you have to deal with at once. I mean it's like people play malevolent but then say fairy wind is to slow? This is just as in general stating. Because obviously malevolent hits face downs but then again it's alot harder then oh you drew for turn? K let me take everything away and potentially burn you for game.
  6. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Heavy Storm wait its banned. What else could possibly do what fairy wind does? set fairy wind use on there draw. You act like just because it's a trap its so slow but yet it does exactly what you need it to do.
  7. Shaddoll - Discussion

    One of if not the best side card I've used against Qlipothsis definitely fairy wind. That card is just the nuts against them. Being able to wipe the scales, skill drain, and emptiness all I'm the blast along with some burn damage what more can you ask for lol.
  8. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    I lost to John in finals at the la regionals lol.. he was really cool though
  9. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I'm using 2 light/2 dark baby dragons. Siding 3 space and 2 fairy wind. Thought about spell shattering but the fact that fairy hits skill drain is another reason that I prefer it more.
  10. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Idk who honestly thinks it but for those who think this deck is going to be weaker just because Qlipoths will be out next set and new BA stuff you have another thing coming in your fantasy world. This deck is the absolute nuts come next set. Star Eater answers killer for those who actually play killer. I decided to throw felice back in due to next set we will have 6 fusions we can actually use the dead felice with and honestly it's amazing. The games you don't draw it and can just black rose dragon a Qlipoths board are basically one sided. I've been testing with a friend of mine and have just been destroying him game after game after game. I would love to talk about how I plan to build it and what not but I have Ycs Anaheim next month so gotta be a little secretive lol. As for now. I still believe the Dragon build is the way to go. I played it at LA regionals and took second place. Beating 4 Hoban sworn decks with shear ease. I still plan on playing it with this list. I like the explosiveness it has. While it does have some consistency issues what deck is really just straight 100% consistent.
  11. Shaddoll - Discussion

    why not just play forbidden lance? It's a spell, you can use it offensively, and the turn you draw it can be used so you don't have the chance of it being mst or what not.
  12. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Yea I forgot all about vanity's fiend. Also Kayden said it before I could. I've already started testing post-nech in preparation for Ycs Anaheim and the Arcanite pop 2 into lv 8 synchro is actually very relevant or even turning a baby dragon into an Armades so you aren't really negging any monsters. The fact that glow up bulb is just a free tuner to be used whenever is almost to good to ignore.
  13. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Yea definitely after going over it in my head now I already made the swap for veiler over BTS lol. Like you stated the pros on veiler of going second compared to BTS are just to good to ignore.
  14. Shaddoll - Discussion

    One thing I was thinking of was maybe swapping out the BTS for Veilers because it would give more light targets and could act as a tuner if the situation called for it.
  15. Shaddoll - Discussion

      So this the Dragon build I've come up with so far. Don't really have much to say on it right now but posting more as a maybe structure to go off of so far.