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  1. Naruto Manga

    Kisame = win
  2. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Freaking Jund...luckily the Jund decided to tie with me so we would both top. Christmas Land Ad nesuem Cruel control Jund (tie) Bant (lost 2-0) Top 8 Naya Christmas Land Money deck Hence why I said before I thought it was a control heavy format with all this going around. Good stuff, I love my vamps with main board Doomblade.
  3. Mystic Junk Box for Standard

    Ah gotcha. Haven't been to one yet so didn't know.
  4. Constructed Standard Discussion

    Ah nice, yeah I won too. I got lucky and played Christmas and homebrew last two matches.
  5. Constructed Standard Discussion

    So how did everyone far in the type 2 on magic day?
  6. Naruto Shippuuden

    Three weeks too long. I don't care about bubble blowing ninja damn it!
  7. Mystic Junk Box for Standard

    I think I saw someone playing something like this build today and he got second. Not sure if it was the same but it had similar cards. He was going to the 5k here with it. Edit: Well he said he was but I thought it was Extended season.
  8. BANT?

    Er...no dude he only highlighted "no fucking clue what"
  9. Mystic Junk Box for Standard

    Monument is a beast..
  10. WW or RDW?

    Especially when you actually kill 4 of them and then the guy cruel ultimatums them back to his hand. Makes me want to cry...now I play sadistic sacrament. But I agree Jace is too damn expensive.
  11. Mystic Junk Box for Standard

    I like the list. Has it been playing well?
  12. BANT?

    It pertains to the fact that you used Boros as an example of that manabase. Yeah I really don't. Also lol@ "no fucking clue what" highlight.
  13. Bleach Manga

    That's not good.
  14. Naruto Manga

    I still think the chapter where Danzo was like "MOER EYEBALLS OR GTFO!" was best.
  15. Bleach Manga

    well we learn more about SS. Yamamoto founded the Shinigami academy 2000 years ago, served as commander for 1000 years, was the 30th one to do so. He could have went to the Royal Guard but no Shinigami since has had the power to replace him. so that says something about the royal guard. kubo dosent care about the plagarism, he found it amusing It was still 19 pages just to throw like 2 punches and say 4 lines of text. It's just silly that stuff like Bakuman or One Piece can cover in half a page what an entire chapter of Bleach covers. That and the lack of backgrounds.