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  1. I'm pretty sure that they'll stamp the cards. 
  2. Bunts is coming!? Event just got 100 times better. 
  3. really rip over detention sphere?
  4. I'm a fan of this deck, hopefully it develops into a real contender. 
  5. Well it should be obvious he's trying to get some kind of a store rolling. Being able to purchase product from Konami is definitely for the best, so being on their good side is probably preferable to not.  Also (something I edited into my last post) this removes any legal implications like gambling (via the donations and non-cash payout) and what-not. 
  6. In case anybody was curious, the change in prizes (which there aren't any) wasn't Wigley/Hoban's fault. It's simply a way for Kris to not go against Konami's agenda/policy or w/e. It also removes legal implications, if any, regarding gambling. 
  7. It was just an incentive to get more people to join is all...
  8. 2nd* not that relevant but he did do another one the other week.
  9. sorry for the inactivity, was banned for 6 days on dn lol. My account should be back up now. Will be on later, I'll try to knock out a few games then.
  10. huge gyre sage fan
  11. [quote name='_Prez' timestamp='1357696820' post='3366299'] [quote name='argh' timestamp='1357695518' post='3366277']activity check/lets get some more wars.[/quote] You store my idea!! I'll progressively get wars set up. Been in some weird funk lately. Another new head should do it. Let's get ready for Miami then, yes? [/quote] Wind-ups all the way.
  12. activity check/lets get some more wars.