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  1. X-Saber - Discussion

    one rabbit makes faultroll auto live. why do u have to xyz they can be synchroed. boggart requires another monster in hand whereas a rabbit auto makes two xsabers allowing you to make a huge push. and piranha is not limited to what she can do unlike boggart. rabbit faultroll is 6000 damage alone. add in faultroll special summoning a monster and you have alot of options.
  2. X-Saber - Discussion

    rescue rabbit has the same theory behind it as rescue cat. you know that card that made it broke.
  3. Agent - Discussion

    [quote name='Loaded Dice' timestamp='1320369511' post='3023170'] I play tested vs plants, and wrecked the fuck out of them. In 5 matches, my opponent only won 1 game. I am still considering 1 tragodia right now. Just trying to figure out what to take out. Duality is soso. It has it's moments, but sometimes your in a position where you simply wish it was another card because you're forced to special summon that turn and have to wait for another turn before activating it. You can use the argument that you can simply play duality the turn after you special summon, but generally you're already in a commanding position at that point. Still testing them, but not as impressed as I should be. [/quote] utilizing two tragoedia gives the deck more benefits. your defense against gameshot an answer to tkr he allows for various synchro options and xyz options and probably the best way of summoning armory arm to go with your bls. i also agree with duality setting you back because agents is not a deck that can easily afford playing the waiting game. mad respect for you loaded dice your inputs appreciated
  4. X-Saber - Discussion

    whats up with no one talking about rescue rabbit in xsaber
  5. Evolzar Rabbit - Discussion

    [quote name='Semaj.' timestamp='1319740612' post='3018290'] I tested a thrown together build of dino-rabbit with dfissures mained. It was shitting on plants consistently. Even when I opened 2 kabulzal and a sabersaurus, I still took complete advantage with a dolkka and won from there. Anyone going to Kansas should seriously test this deck [/quote] except when you play agents then you lose
  6. this is the top sixteen decklists from when ceasar won at sjc seattle [url="http://buycrystalmeth.org/metagame/yugioh9551.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=10234"][color=#f0ffff]http://buycrystalmeth.org/metagame/yugioh9551.html?tabid=33&ArticleId=10234[/color][/url]
  7. Sea Lancer Frogs --DN.pic.dek

    have you tried oh fish at all? you might like it. saw a guy at regionals use it on a trish and lawled
  8. considering most decks main three tgu and agents main two trag koaki meiru doom is an amazing side deck choice or at least definitely looking into. really great suggestion sesshomorunay
  9. Dark Soul for Dark Worlds?

    i didnt realize how broken thatd be. i dont want that to exist. i dont want dark worlds to exist
  10. Dark Soul for Dark Worlds?

    i was on yugi wiki and in the gx series bronn used a card called dark corridor maybe dark smog will be our version of that. just a thought