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  1. Mac ~ Boot Camp Assistant ~ What Is Needed?

    Just to add to the above, if you have an ISO, you can use the Boot Camp Assistant app to burn the ISO to USB (It's what I usually do with my ISOs).    If he has any of the new accessories for the Mac (Magic Mouse 2, new Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2), he'll need to install Windows 8.1 or up as the drivers for these accessories are only supported on 8.1 forwards.   Once he's done that, just hold 'alt' whilst booting and you can choose between Windows and OS X. 
  2. Apple Watch Thread

    It was more the price thing that made me laugh, not saying that Omega isn't worth the money, it's just that people have blown the price of the Apple Watch out of proportion a little bit.
  3. Apple Watch Thread

    I've ordered the stainless steel one with the blue leather strap, then ordered a spare sports band and another charging cable for my bag.    It's funny, somebody I know was going on at me for spending a 'ridiculous' amount on a watch, then I just pointed out that he owned an Omega Planet Ocean.    Just annoyed that I pre-ordered it straight away and I won't be getting it until May.
  4. Microsoft Equivalent to Google Work Apps

    Yeah O365 allows local copies, where I work we're testing moving to Office 365, user's personal stuff are synced with OneDrive for Business so it's both on their laptop and in the cloud, then shared documents are synced down to the laptop via team sites on SharePoint Online. Being able to share a document and do real-time collaboration is pretty awesome too.   Massive benefit when you can just log in via any web browser and edit a good majority of your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in the browser. It's gone down really well. I know a few people at other companies who I communicate with regularly and Lync has been awesome. 
  5. Microsoft Equivalent to Google Work Apps

    I use Office 365 E3 personally, I quite like it to be honest. I've started using the OneDrive for Business/SharePoint library thing, that's pretty cool. Mainly did it because I'm forced to use Access, having the full Office package plus the cloud storage and Lync is a pretty nice package. 
  6. Headphones

      I've got Urbanites on now, absolutely love them. Amazingly comfy, isolate sound surprisingly well, and I can turn them up pretty loud without bothering the person next to me. A couple of people at work tried them and wished the bass had a bit more punch, but personally I think they're spot on.    Amazingly rugged too, I sling these in my bag where they get rattled about with whatever random crap I have in there and they still look like when they came out of the box.
  7. can't tab to chrome window

    I'm having a similar issue on WIndows 8.1, I'm having to kill off any Chrome process using Task Manager, then re-open it, then it'll work again. I never power my PC off so I don't notice it.   Do you have any extensions installed? If you have something that starts up with Windows, that could be causing an issue.   I'll let you know if I find a solid solution.
  8. I need a new phone. I also need suggestions.

    I'd say for investment and spec, the LG G3 is an absolute monster. Where I work I pretty much have seen every flagship handset float into my hands whilst people ask me to set emails up and such, and from using the G3 I'd say it's one hell of a handset. Amazing screen, lightning fast and LG really know how to make use of every mm of screen. You can get away with having a huge screen but not an oversized phone.    The HTC One M8 is a solid handset too, it feels awesome in the hand with the curved back and it feels so sturdy. The HTC Sense UI is lovely to use too, but LG's new UI on the G3 overtakes it in features and how clean it looks. On top of that, there's now the option of having Android or Windows Phone 8.1 on your HTC One M8 so you can go either way.   If you're going for Windows phone, you've got a huge selection to choose from, you can go for pretty much any screen size. The Lumia Icon/930 is a really nice handset, it pushes the Lumia to the zone for premium smartphones, 1080p screen, Gorilla Glass 3, aluminium band around the outside, 4G, plus it's got a killer camera and Office. Otherwise you can venture towards other handsets such as the 1520 if you want the phablet experience with the 6-inch screen, the 520 if you want something small and cheap.   Then there's the iPhone, you can grab the 5S or 5C now as prices are starting to drop before the next gen of handsets are released, there's rumours that they're gonna be announced on the 9th September, and that there will be a next-gen 5C, a next-gen 5S, then a new larger handset, so you're potentially going to be spoilt for choice. It should last you a good few years depending what you're after.   Tl;dr the LG G3 is an absolute monster, Windows phone has become more premium but the ecosystem isn't mature enough yet, and iPhone is just another waiting game.
  9. If you need a laptop

      Just to go on with Rei's 'Yes', I bought a 256GB SSD in my MBP and with my apps, photos, music and misc documents and iOS device backups, I'm currently using 40GB. If you worry that you may need some space in the future, I bought a Nifty mini drive and a Micro SD card to slap in the SD card port, which I never use. If you shop around, I got a Kingston 128GB MicroSD card for £61 + P+P, so that should easily cover you if your Hard Drive starts to get full. 
  10. chromebook

    I own a Chromebook and to do some heavy-duty stuff you have to make some compromises, overall it's pretty great though.   For doing heavier stuff I usually leave my PC at home running then I can use Chrome Remote Desktop to remote into my PC and set things going on there. In combination with Google Drive I can just dump stuff into my Drive, sync it to my home PC, do what I need to then sync it back across.    in terms of accessing remote servers, Chrome RDP is something for Chrome which I've heard from others shows a lot of promise. I've ordered a USB to Ethernet adapter for my Acer Chromebook 11 so that I can link it up to the work network and do RDP bits from there when I don't have my MBP with me. There are a couple of other RDP clients available but it's just trial and error.   In terms of using Skype, I've heard of plus.im, which puts a chat client into your browser. I'm yet to test it with Skype as I haven't used it in a couple of years, but it looks pretty good. Otherwise, I know that Microsoft are currently working on allowing Outlook.com to link in to Skype and allow you to IM in the browser window, I don't know the status of that yet, but it's coming.    In terms of working with docs, Google Docs has been pretty good for me for doing basic stuff, it starts to struggle when doing things like tables and other things where MS Word is required. In terms of editing PDFs every day though, you'll have do use web-based solutions as I'm not sure there are any apps or extensions that can do that at the moment.    If you're willing to make the compromises then Chromebooks are awesome value, it's not often I use massively heavy apps but having the combination of Chrome Remote Desktop and Google Drive has been awesome for me, it lets me set stuff going as well then I can just remote in and check on it later, then throw it in Drive when it's finished.    Just my two cents, I've become a big fan of Chromebooks recently. The Acer ones have been the stars for me, I have an Acer Chromebook 11 and it has HDMI, an SD slot and a USB 2 and 3 port, so I can throw it up to an external monitor. Battery life is insane too, and I can torrent on it by using the jstorrent Chrome extension.
  11. Program to watch/control other comupters

    I'd say Teamviewer is the best one, it's pretty much on any platform you can shake a stick at. If you have an Android device and like using Google Chrome, Chrome Remote Desktop isn't too bad either, they're just yet to release an iOS app. 
  12. Gaming Laptop or Macbook Pro/Air

    If you're backing up your PC and restoring the hard drive into another Windows-Based laptop, it'd be worth using something like Acronis True Image (You can torrent it pretty easily), make a backup of your drive, then just stick the SSD in a caddy and restore the image back on to the SSD. That's what I use regularly, I use a torrented copy at home for when I'm looking at people's laptops, I usually take a full backup before I make any changes and it's pretty straight forward to use.    If you're looking to clone your Mac's hard drive, Time Machine does a great job, or Carbon Copy Cloner if you don't mind spending a small amount.    From what I can remember, Samsung does ship their drives with a migration utility.
  13. Installing Cyanogenmod on LG G2

    From what I'm aware, Cyanogenmod is only supported on the international version of the G2, the model number should be D802. Not sure if that makes a difference, but I'm not sure what model number the AT&T branded one is.   I'd definitely give this a look: http://androidcure.com/install-cyanogenmod-11-rom-lg-g2/
  14. Galaxy S5 vs HTC m8

    Ah, didn't think that had hit the play store yet. My bad!
  15. Galaxy S5 vs HTC m8

    If we're boiling down to which is the better of the two, from what I've seen and read, the M8 looks like the better of the two. I've always liked the look of HTC Sense, it looks a lot nicer and the UI just feels a lot more slick. One benefit is that If you want a cleaner Android experience, you can get the Google Play edition, which has stock KitKat 4.4, but with a lot of the HTC features downloadable from its own App Store. Samsung does have the features that focus on multitasking, like Indignation mentioned the ability to run 2 apps at the same time. The M8 feels a lot nicer in the hand too. Overall it just trumps the S5, that's just my 2 cents though. At the end of the day, it is down to you. If you can wait for an iPhone, getting something that high-end to then ditch for an iPhone a little down the line seems a bit iffy.