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  1. Since it's so important to draw Dogra in your opening 5 cards, I figured that an actual number would be helpful.   http://stattrek.com/online-calculator/hypergeometric.aspx   Population Size = Deck Size = 40  Number of Successes = # of Dogras = 3 Sample Size = Opening Hand = 5 Successes in Sample = At least 1 Dogra = 1   Odds of having at least 1 Dogra in the first 5 cards = 33.75%, or about a third of games, assuming sufficient shuffling/randomization. This doesn't account for Upstart, so the odds are somewhat higher in actuality.
  2. ECG Info

    http://vanguardus.blogspot.com/2015/01/news-christian-rivera-tops-arg-orlando.html   85 participants. 3 out of the top 8 were pure Thing. No Thing-Abyss in top 8.
  3.   From my experience vs the deck, I agree. Revengers already have a great midgame with BDR + Dorint killing front row for 1CB and BDRA killing back row for 1CB. Then all they have to do is sit on a Phantom and they start pressuring you. Either you guard throughout midgame or give them plusses. Seems lose-lose if you don't have a way to retire Judgebau. And RPBA is a solid lategame option. The fact that he can only restand on the legion turn is mitigated by the fact that he has Phantom in his name.   Edit: Maybe they can make a conditional ban, like "You may not use RPBA and Judgebau in the same deck." I don't know if Judgebau is really all that problematic outside Abyss builds.
  4. As a side note, that 6th damage heal reminds me why CFV should avoid tourney formats that utilize elimination as hard as possible. It should be mostly Swiss or record based across multiple tournaments. Elimination is bad for most games with chance elements and it is especially bad for Vanguard. The problem is, I don't see how consistantly good players (good overall win-loss ratio) can be rewarded without something like the trigger campaign in Japan.
  5. I'd test more Critical Triggers. The main gambit (Ethics R over Ethics) restands rearguards anyway.
  6. Spikes should be fairly easy to upgrade. Fit in 4x Bad End Dragger, for instance. Also, 4 Perfect Guards are a must nowadays.
  7. In addition to those reasons, Pongal helps you nab a Grade 3, and Cat Butler still has the potential to go off at G2, even if it might be sub-optimal.
  8. With 6 Crits, the odds of twin driving into at least one is about 23%. So if your opponent is at 4 and you Break Ride, they have a good shot at surviving by taking the first hit and PG'ing the second. 8 Crits bring the odds up to 30%, which is still kinda low I guess (12 Crit is 43% chance in case you are wondering).   It's not the best, but you could try 3x Demonic Dragon Berserker, Kumbhanda for extra beaters once you hit G3/G4.
  9. 17-13-10-10 is actually a sliiiiiightly better ratio than 17-14-11-8 in terms of ride consistency. But yeah, you get 2 less shields to dump.
  10. I feel like Goat's 4k might be an issue vs Legion decks. Legion promotes early guarding to fill the drop zone, and a 4k + 7k VG column vs another 7k VG can be blocked easily with a 10k shield. Plus, G3 searchers fail their effect about a 1/3 of the time.
  11. Just wanted to say thanks for posting results, Siulzen. I don't post much here, but I do enjoy reading your updates.
  12. Draws are best when damage checked, and you are only running 2. I'd just go 12 Crit because of the threat of restanding. If the opponent no guards at 4 damage in hopes of saving shield, I'd want to maximize my odds of ending the game right there.
  13. So at the very least, dead cards in the early game can become mana. My local shop hosts duel days, and Im tempted to try it out. Though it is free to play, Id prefer a small entrance fee so there could at least be a small prize pool. I'll look into it. If I do pick this game up, Ill probably start with budget Fire Rush. Im also interested in Evolution Swarm, which sounds similar to a YGO structure deck.
  14. I've never played a game with a sort of self-replenishing resource system. Is it a good mechanic? For example, in yugioh, you dont gain LP every turn outside of card effects.
  15. We don't know Seph's skill lvl or the opp's skill lvl, over even the skill lvl of the toppers. And im p sure Seph mentioned the IZD isnt great in Grandiose.