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  1. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    Since it's so important to draw Dogra in your opening 5 cards, I figured that an actual number would be helpful.   http://stattrek.com/online-calculator/hypergeometric.aspx   Population Size = Deck Size = 40  Number of Successes = # of Dogras = 3 Sample Size = Opening Hand = 5 Successes in Sample = At least 1 Dogra = 1   Odds of having at least 1 Dogra in the first 5 cards = 33.75%, or about a third of games, assuming sufficient shuffling/randomization. This doesn't account for Upstart, so the odds are somewhat higher in actuality.
  2. Kaijudo: Trading Card Game

    So at the very least, dead cards in the early game can become mana. My local shop hosts duel days, and Im tempted to try it out. Though it is free to play, Id prefer a small entrance fee so there could at least be a small prize pool. I'll look into it. If I do pick this game up, Ill probably start with budget Fire Rush. Im also interested in Evolution Swarm, which sounds similar to a YGO structure deck.
  3. Kaijudo: Trading Card Game

    I've never played a game with a sort of self-replenishing resource system. Is it a good mechanic? For example, in yugioh, you dont gain LP every turn outside of card effects.
  4. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    Hi guys, I've been out of it for a while. I'm planning on getting out of yugioh for all intents and purposes, but I was still planning on making and keeping a Dino Rabbit deck for playing at a local level. My question is: what makes Dino Rabbit subpar after HA07? Is there some card/deck that counters Dino Rabbit hard, or is the deck just overall outclassed by Evilswarm?
  5. Kaijudo: Trading Card Game

    After perusing some videos and tutorials, I've concluded that the game seems really cool. I'm thinking about picking up a sonic blast starter deck, and then hoping that the game picks up in my area. If it does, I'd like to invest in a blue-purple deck.   What is the card size? Standard (Pokemon) or Mini (Yugioh)?
  6. God

      I'm not a Divine Command Theorist, but I think you might find this post interesting.   http://branemrys.blogspot.com/2013/02/more-on-divine-command-theory.html
  7. God

    I really like Yujin Nagasawa's paper on the Anselmian Ontological Argument, you guys should check it out. He argues that Island style parodies fail because they are not dialectically parallel to the OA. However, Deist style and Evil God style parodies are still an issue. I've heard that Alexander Pruss' Goedelian Ontological Argument is also a good read, and his Leibnizian Cosmological Argument is quite comprehensive, but a pain to read through. Regardless of your metaphysical and theological views, Pruss' blog is a great read overall.   IMO, if God exists, he is probably the furthest thing from an immaterial "old man" in the sky. I'm quite sympathetic to the classical perspective, where God is understood as "existence itself" (no, not pantheism, but rather panentheism) and that God is ontologically simple (his omnipotence = his omniscience = his immutability, etc).
  8. According to the manifesto, he claims his acts are a necessary evil. But is evil EVER necessary? I have not read the whole thing, but I do not see any "justification" for going after innocents. IMO, he is just as bad as the people who drove him to perform these acts.
  9. Young Justice

    Some of the writing in that episode where they attempt to repair Aqualad's mind seemed very awkward. I guess they were trying to bring new viewers up to speed, but it still sounded funny. And it seems like they have too much going on in terms of characters and side stories. Aside from those two criticisms, I am really sad to hear that it's ending so soon. The new Batman show seems like a "safe bet" where CN is trying to cash in on Batman's recent success. (Although I will still give it a fair viewing) And they just HAD to make the TT reboot into a purely LOLXDSORANDUMB show. The original "American Anime" style of TT might not float everyone's boat, but it still allowed for a balance between humor and engaging plots IMO. Im not sure why they did not stick with the old formula.
  10. March of the Monarchs

    Perhaps this could work with Lancer decks? It can generate tribute fodder pretty well. Though this card shuts down your access to Gachi, which hurts a bit. But anyway, that card art is just awesome.
  11. Pokemon X and Y

    If X and Y are references to DNA and genetics, maybe this game will reveal the missing evolutionary link between humans and pokemon. Darwiknight?
  12. Young Justice

    I think [s]Hiatus Justice[/s] Young Justice is finally back. Does anyone know of websites that have the series up? It seems like mastertoons.com doesn't have it anymore.
  13. We've never actually had a thread for it

    NERV should have hired no less than, say, 20 psychiatrists for the pilots. Do they even have a Human Resources Department?
  14. Baccano!

    Just got done with the show. Thought it was great, Isaac and Miria are the most adorable pair of idiots I've ever seen. (How do I make spoiler tags?)
  15. Chaos Dragon - Discussion

    [quote name='TeRiMoNeRi' timestamp='1355689647' post='3349304'] [quote name='zubby' timestamp='1355572657' post='3348603'] It just dosen't seem worth it though, your also adding in cards your opponent can MST + Heavy, which is a advatege this deck has by blanking 4 cards from their deck. Also another problem is the reliance on Hanzo, and the fact if you cut the LS engine for the Ninja one you lose 3 Light monsters from your total Light count. [/quote] You also cut down 2-3 chaos monsters (darkflare dragons) tho, so the loss of 3 lights isnt that big of a deal. I played the ninja version at a local today and went 7-0, matchups being glads, rabbit, mermail, mermail, inzektor, mermail, agent [/quote] Were you using the build that you posted in the deck garage?