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  1. San Jose Report

    Good job! I myself played the YCS in Bochum. I made day 2 - sacking lots with sabers but when we got back from KFC (need my chicken) in the middle of the night to our hotel we saw some friggin neon stuff and the cabbie told us we was in the red light district of Bochum. Our hotel was just one block from the party! A strip joint named Solid Gold was a fucking awesome place and it was all nude! German strippers rule! Most likely they was Romanian or something but who gives a fuck. I spent all my fucking money there and was so hung over so I got raped by everyone day 2 and I had to sell off two warnings to be able to pay for the train but it was so fucking worth it! I'd do it again - any day!
  2. Fight Fire with Fire!

    No dualities?
  3. On Melancholy Hill

    I think you should run three BoM:s with all the Trap Stuns running around. Icarus can be quite dangerous due to the same. I like Delta Crow a lot this format.
  4. Fight Fire with Fire!

    I think Lyla and CoTLB is good in this deck and cut down the Rykos to two. I also think that you should be running one Archer over the third Magician. Cyber Dragon aint bad in this deck either instead of Hamsters.
  5. Possible Deck for YCS Mexico DF

    I recon Saku is one of the cards that should go for PoD.
  6. Possible Deck for YCS Mexico DF

    What do you plan on removing for PoD?
  7. Possible Deck for YCS Mexico DF

    I recon dyna could very well be mained.
  8. THICK STICKS - YCS Toronto

    Could you please post the side?
  9. YCS Toronto

    Anyone got Nik's and the flamvell deck list yet?
  10. x-sabers or lightsworn?????

    Combine. Lightsaber ftw
  11. Hurr Durr

    Rate/Fix Pl0x Many of my staples like uxie lv x and luxray are currently being used in other decks, all fixes are welcome though. Pokamahnz: 24 4-2-4 Jumpluff 2-2 Cherrim 1 Mesprit LA 1 Azelf LA 2 Uxie LA 1-1 Vespiquen HS Undaunted 2 Crobat G 1 Unown Q 1 Smeargle HS Undaunted Supporter/Trainer/Stadiums: 25 4 Pokemon Collector 3 Bebe's Search 4 Poke Turn 2 Warp Point 3 Pokemon Communication 4 Rare candy 2 Expert Belt 2 Broken Time Space 1 Luxury Ball Energy's: 11 Leaf Energy Herp Derp
  12. Saber Control

    Control Deck needs lotz uv emmers and saber Holez
  13. IE not the coming September issue but what will be the number associated with the issue? It is #9 2010 or?
  14. YES

    I thought Mind Crush was gonna be in every main deck in the PoD/Perfect Herald format though it makes less sense in millsworn than other decks and why no love for double sarco? Also card trooper is very good.