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  1. WATER - Discussion

    Most definetly it's a better play, but the off chance bahamut gets hit or something this can be an option. But yeah right now ultimaya and crystal aren't needed since we have access to bahamut with toad and Norden.
  2. WATER - Discussion

    I know extra keeps getting tighter but there's a combo with diva and instant fusion that lets you end with ultimaya, crystal wing and moulin glacia Diva summon prince send dragoons add infantry Dragoons adds moulinglacia. Synchro diva and prince for tatsunoko (3 in grave ) Synchro tatsunoko and infantry for level 5 synchro ( 5 in grave) Summon moulinglacia Instant fusion for new fusion tuner Send fusion and level 5 synchro for ultimaya summon crystal wing or whatever
  3. WATER - Discussion

    looks good, has there ever been a time you dead draw like so many mermails/ aqua spirits early game? I feel like maxx c at least should be mained right now its good vs a lot right now and ghost ogre isnt a bad idea either. I feel like alot of people who dont like desires in here play it incorrectly and thats why they dont like it. So much of a tight room maybe you could bump up the deck count to like 41 or 42?
  4. WATER - Discussion

    How are you making double toad are you running the frog engine? This deck has tight space everywhere and I cant seem to find room to fit everything in. Also whats your guys thoughts on desires in here?
  5. WATER - Discussion

    This thread is kind of dead right now. Any thoughts for the new format? I like the top 16 duelists list with the kajus engine. It's an answer for majesty fiend/kozmo ships/ dweller/ beatrice.With norden going to 1 would running 3 IF still be the way to go?
  6. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Yeah when did this thread become childish arguments on here cmon guys, don't let this thread go to shit.
  7. YCS Las Vegas - March 12-13

    Anyone know what decks topped 32?
  8. Premium Gold: Infinite Gold

    https://youtu.be/e2yKH_alp6c Beatrice confirmed along with others like daigusto emeral
  9. Yeah the secondary market is really going to shit right now
  10. WATER - Discussion

    So we were going for the otk version because we could not out grind pepe but with pepe downgraded do we still go for the otk build? Or do we use a more mermail engine. Also kozmo is the deck to beat now and think sphere and linde will be needed again
  11. WATER - Discussion

    Yeah honestly chalice is the answer for dweller as we can use it defensively or offensively but how many should we side ? 2 or 3?
  12. WATER - Discussion

    well when you search an atlantean by dumping the second dragoons you search netabyss Field Seraphite (5) + tatsunoko (3) and netabyss from hand (1) Edit: nvm that would be 6 waters instead of 5 for moulinglacia drop
  13. WATER - Discussion

    What do you guys think about siding chalice ? Obviously game 1 they'll know you're playing water and they'll make a dweller which will hinder your plays going through. It being a quick play spell is the reason I like it because you can use it when you're going on the offensive or defensive. And this deck can't be taking many turns to wait for something like solemn strike or breakthrough to go through
  14. Top 32 Mermail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lh-QKBb4yg 3rd place Kozmo Artifact https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snIphCCv0OI Kozmo top 32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbYBJJPBb2c
  15. [907] Breakers of Shadow

    excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by mapping?