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  1. maybe but i was thinking it's not really a loop by any standards, the effects are continuous. and they don't form a chain they just all happen simultaniously, which is why i was thinking there must be a way to resolve this
  2. Player 1 has face up Skill Drain and Splendid Venus. Player 2 has Royal Decree Skill Drain: Pay 1000 Life Points. The effects of all face-up Effect Monsters are negated. Splendid Venus: All non-Fairy-Type monsters lose 500 ATK and DEF. The activation and effects of your Spell and Trap Cards cannot be negated. Royal Decree: Negate the effects of all other Trap Cards on the field. The problem here is that Skill Drain negates splendid venus effect. Royal Decree negates Skill Drain making venus effect active. And Venus effect stops skill drain being negated. I can't work out which effects would be active or why. Drain negates venus while it's active meaning that it cannot stop your spells and traps being negated. Decree Negates drain stopping it negating venus meaning it's effect to stop your spells and traps being negated is in effect. But then Venus stops decree from negating the effect of drain. Meaning that venus has no effect and decree is active to negate the drain. Please help me make sense of this.
  3. Free Agent Thread

    back in the game hit me up if you are recruiting infamousne0 on AIM
  4. [font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]DGz Username: Isumaru[/size][/font] AIM Screename: infamousne0 DN Username: Isumaru
  5. Jorge 2:23 pm i dropped from that post that you won and tell em i dropped please
  6. DawnBreak vs PrimeTime

  7. Won vs Fred Possel - Pepsi - XtreemTwilight 2-1 to me. Ggs
  8. DawnBreak vs PrimeTime

    Got Passion 2-0 GGs mate
  9. GPC Sydney Dispute Post Thread

    - I have been logged in to DGZ about 12/24 hours each day. i have been logged into AIM 24/24 Each day with no messages - According to bhurts profile at the time of writing this he has not been online since May 23 2011 08:41 PM http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showuser=3700 - No contact has been attempted due to him not having been here update: Just checked and he shows online now. Sent him a pm asking to duel with no reply, he is not on AIM yet update: He has gone offline again with no reply.
  10. Prime Time vs Superhuman

    got Blast Asmodious 2-0 ggs mate
  11. Prime Time vs Superhuman

    got dr.doom 2-1
  12. Most Wanted vs. Prime Time

    Rick got me 2-1...ish
  13. Most Wanted vs. Prime Time

    yeah it is that deck
  14. Most Wanted vs. Superhuman

  15. Most Wanted vs. Superhuman

    got ryan 2-1 ggs mate