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  1. The Secret Forces (TCG)

    Has anyone seen box opening vids yet? I've heard that there's some out there but I can't find them if they are. I've also heard that in a case and a half of boxes opened, only 4 Brionacs were pulled, meaning (again, assuming any of this is true) it could be the short print of the set.
  2. Oath to Order

    I haven't played much with HEROs in the TCG, so forgive my ignorance, but what makes Miracle Fusion such a dead draw?
  3. I'm in the same boat and I'm waiting till Nekroz comes out because the whole deck's in a Hidden Arsenal type pack and it's fun as hell to play.
  4. The Double Life

    The only time I got any grief for playing Yugioh was at a Taco Bell after locals one night. Was when I was like 15 or 16 some girls came in and saw my friend and I playing, literally as soon as they came in they start harassing us. They stop just long enough to order food and my friend comments that one of them should order a feedbag cause she had a horse-shaped face. After ordering they come back over to make fun of us some more and I, being the master of wit that I am, rip off my friend's hilarious statement and ask her if she took off her feedbag to make that comment. They got super butthurt and looking back it wasn't the most mature thing to say, but goddamn the 180 on that situation felt so good. We left at the same time as them and as Horse Girl was walking to her car I neighed at her for good measure. Her "Fuck you!" remains to this day one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard.
  5. (903) The Secret of Evolution

      Is...is that flavor text on an effect monster?
  6. Nekroz - Discussion

    Zubaba General seems kinda situational. If you're trying to OTK in this deck you should be using this     to make Draco Knight Dragon Equiste or Supreme Arcanite Magician. But even then I found this card to be pretty questionable.
  7. On Tour Guide

    Obvious troll is obvious.
  8. YCS Dallas (10/4/14)

    You've clearly never drafted Spider Spawning in Triple Innistrad draft format.
  9. Shaddoll - Discussion

      You're giving steam too much credit. it needs to synch with a blackwing card the second time you use its effect.   Ah damn, you're right. I had a feeling it wasn't totally generic but couldn't remember why.   So is anyone else feeling kinda stumped on how to move forward with Shaddolls? There's a lot of builds and it seems like, at least in my testing group, no one's really sure which build is the best. Artifacts kinda seem like the way to go, but I don't know if they do enough against BA.
  10. Shaddoll - Discussion

    So I've been thinking about how much I'm going to miss Stardust and Scrap Dragon once the new list hits, since Artifacts will probably the way I go once the new format starts. I got this idea to try Blackwing - Steam the Cloak with Artifacts, since Begal -> Moral, normal summon Steam is Stardust + Scrap, or you can dump it for a Winda and make a Level 8 whenever you need to turn Winda off, by either Tributing or Synching with it. Also Synchs with Beast to Make Level 8s and Dragon/Squamata for 7s. Haven't tested it yet, it's probably too cute but I think I'll try it anyway. Thoughts?   Edit: I can also definitely attest to Trap Stun. I was trying it as tech against BA and other backrow heavy decks. It's great with Emptiness, you get to shut it off without destroying it, go off, then end your turn and now your opponent has to deal your monsters and Emptiness.
  11. Masked Heros Kamikaze - koga - Mask change

    Ignoring the fact that the OP and first response were terrible, I think these cards are pretty good HEROs, if they're going the Mask Change route competitively.    For one, we finally have a Masked HERO for every attribute, which makes Mask Change far less of a dead draw. More importantly, we have the most important attribute: Light for Neos Alius. Koga is going to be one of those cards that's a lot better in practice then it is on paper. Those who played Hero Beat in its prime know that Shining's intimidation factor had just as much, if not more than, to do with how big it was as the recurring of banished HEROs. How much ATK Koga ends up getting per monster is almost inconsequential; even 100 per monster would set it well above the bar of most other "big" monsters. The important thing is that it turns all your graveyard HEROs into Honests (that can later be recycled with Shining). This means that not only will a battle involving this monster never go well for your opponent, it also allows you to put pressure and threaten kills faster than HEROs normally do. Not a whole lost faster, but faster nonetheless.    Kamikaze is a bit less exciting, but still pretty good nonetheless. It's basically just a strictly better Nova Master. Being unable to be destroyed by battle is all but irrelevant at 2700 ATK, but having The Dark Door's effect attached to it is fairly interesting. If Konami doesn't deal with the Hands by the time this deck comes out then this will prevent your opponent from board wipes via Ice Hand (Fire Hand unfortunately still does the trick). That's the only super relevant use I can think of at the moment, but I have a feeling the effect will have a lot of niche, more situational uses.   Mask Charge is interesting to say the least. It's good but the more I think about it the more I wonder how many times I'll really want to re-use Mask Change. The 2-3 copies you play will likely be enough as is, and Shining can recur multiple HEROs and is less situational. You also have to consider that between the regular HERO Fusions and Rank 4s you won't have a ton of room for Masked HEROs, also limiting the number of times you can use Mask Change. I might still play a single copy since you can at worst pitch Mask Change for something like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast or Super Poly (which I plan to main 3 of with the advent of Shadow Mist).
  12. OCG Elemental HERO Shadow Mist

    So if I'm reading this right, I can use it as a Fusion Material OR the discard fodder for Super Polymerization and break even on it in the form of a HERO search. Even if it can only be used as the former, this card still gives TCG HERO decks their much needed search outlet and seems about as easy to (ab)use as Stratos. Speaking of which if we ever get HERO sensei back/in the OCG, sending this to grave to get Stratos might give HERO decks the consistency to keep up with all of the other decks that abuse searching. Having both this and Stratos would also make Call of the Haunted extra juicy in HERO builds.   Edit: Does Burial from the Different Dimension count as sending cards to the grave? Also Foolish as a 4th E-Call that sets up Miracle Fusion seems juicy too.   Edit again: This card laos opens up BLS use in HEROes pretty hardcore.
  13. StillPojo DN: TheOtherHalf1993 GMT+/-5:00 Contact via PM
  14. I already beat this guy in Top 8 of our OTS for the invite, which we both needed, and that was one of the times he ripped Archfiend with nothing else. That felt good enough.
  15. There's a guy at my locals with a 54 card Infernity deck. It was 57 before a bunch of us convinced him to drop 3 Upstarts. When asked why he plays so many cards, he likes to give one of these 3 reasons:   1) "I couldn't find room for my tech so i just added cards (Note: his tech includes Zoma the Spirit and Silver Sentinel, because they're monsters you can set in the S/T zone, and Archfiend Heiress and Palace for Infernity Archfiend)   2) "It's consistent."   3) "I don't want to open with Infernity Archfiend."   The most infuriating part is that I've watched him top into Archfiend with nothing on board or in hand like 3 times already, and of course that's proof of his deck's consistency.