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  1. Dueling Network

      For some reason people think "then" functions the same way as "also", and most of them don't even make the distinction.
  2. Dueling Network

      Does the accidental M2 ever happen to anyone, especially during a period of lag? (also sorry I couldn't keep fighting Slashtap, but Maxx couldn't draw Veiler before Cowboy came down :()
  3. Nanana

    had to neg to keep it at 77
  4. SSB 4 (OP contains player list)

    They mention in the direct that characters that would transform would no longer do so in this iteration. So most likely the trainer is out since he would serve no purpose.
  5. So if this list is effective until the New Year, we could very well have 3 4-month formats instead of 2 6-month ones. not a bad idea to prevent stale formats if it pans out that way
  6. Since it can't become a Level that isn't possible, you won't be able to Special Summon it.
  7. League of Legends

    Meanwhile, at [i]Live on 3[/i] with MRN, early morning beach time gives ClakeyD power and apparently you don't have to practice to get your foot in your door but you sure as hell have to once you're in it. Also, apparently the whole team yelled "GET FUCKED" whenever they won an objective in some of their games. so are you guys gonna go cheese ranked 5s and be the next MRN or what
  8. League of Legends

    [quote name='The Rain Man' timestamp='1358291331' post='3371773'] wtf are they changing elo in s3 [/quote] As far as I can tell they'll still use it for matchmaking but won't show it to you and instead have you progress through tiered ladders ("leagues") that are split into five divisions.
  9. League of Legends

    [quote name='The Rain Man' timestamp='1353067762' post='3326512'] holy fuck i really hope they reduce the new champs ap ratios/scaling or else she is going to be a terror mid [/quote] They could keep the damage on her Q, maybe slow the projectile speed or decrease the bubble's effect radius / lift duration and it'll be comparable to Lulu's Q. But that W, so good for trading.
  10. [quote name='Kanade' timestamp='1351782395' post='3316672'] [quote name='Maltrab' timestamp='1351782069' post='3316670'] [quote name='CantiOG' timestamp='1351767682' post='3316614'] New good Elemental HERO cards please [/quote] GX has been over and done with. I highly doubt Konami is going to give even more support to an archetype that already has the most support in the entire game. Especially in a set that has nothing to do with it. All the Hero cards in OCG have been released over here so the only chance would be for then to make a World Premier Hero card. I highly doubt that will happen, mainly since most World Premier cards are made to support the cards in the core set (with a few rare exceptions like Giant Soldier of Steel) [/quote] Didn't they literally just release a secret HERO card in the last set? [/quote] Miracle Contact originally premiered in the OCG as part of a reprint set spanning releases related to HEROs.
  11. League of Legends

    [quote name='Baylife' timestamp='1350997739' post='3309629'] pick up an ad carry to play support [/quote] This actually seems okay. It worked out when Chauster made the jump, and I'm sure Docolift has potential as a bot lane. Real question is if Hotshot can relearn a competent top.
  12. YCS Providence, Rhode Island

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/tFyuprcVyVo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. Monarch - Discussion

    He's 2300 with self-protection; Dupes attached to him can also get back Swap + fodder. A decent pitch to Swap in a pinch too.
  14. YCS Indianapolis.

    [quote name='shanes' timestamp='1348548220' post='3288516'] It's a record no one wants to break. [/quote] Honestly, I kinda want to as long as it's unintentional. I went X-1-4 at playing as fast as possible but to no avail and thought that was pretty bizarre. I couldn't really call my opponents out on slow play either. Worst part is I was joking about siding burn for time, and if I actually had done so I probably could have won a few of the ties.
  15. Monarch - Discussion

    [quote name='zubby' timestamp='1347750277' post='3281627'] I'm really liking the look of this deck for the current format but I feel like I may need a few things explained to me - namely the OTK with Leviair the Sea Dragon and Daigusto Phoenix, and also how Illusory Snatcher forms a chain with a Monarch summon. In fact, those things should probably go in the first post for anyone else who doesn't know them. Could someone help me out? [/quote] [How to OTK with Leviair] 1. SS Swap Frog twice, leave Swap on the field ---> 2 Ronintoadin + 2 Frogs in the grave ---> revive 2 Ronintoadin ---> make Daigusto Phoenix 2. NS Tour Guide ---> SS L3 Fiend ---> make Leviair 3. Leviair effect ---> revive banished L2 Frog ---> overlay with remaining L2 monster to make Daigusto Phoenix 4. Daigusto Phoenix 1 effect ---> target Leviair 5. Daigusto Phoenix 2 effect ---> target either Daigusto Phoenix 6. You now have 8100 ATK damage on the field. [Illusory Snatcher: Why?] Assuming your opponent doesn't negate the summon, you can trigger both a Monarch effect and Illusory Snatcher simultaneously. Since simultaneous effects go on the chain, make the Monarch effect Chain Link 1 and Snatcher Chain Link 2. This messes up the activation window for certain cards that could hit the Monarch such as Dolkka / Strike Bounzer and (in the case of Mobius) Starlight Road. Things like Bottomless can still hit your Monarch, but at least you'll still have a 2400 beater.