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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Psycho-pass one of the best I've seen, really amazing shit
  2. MTGO V.S. iRL

    in MTGO you can get anything you want in minutes, also the average level in daily events is really high so yea if you wanna improve go for it
  3. 2014 World Championship

    I will be there tomorrow, wearing a "don't worry, be techno" shirt
  4. Soul Charge

    the existence of a card like this makes me wonder if the konami's R&D department actually exists. Seems like they haven't learned the lesson from return from the different dimension or dimension fusion. Or maybe they just wanted to sell a fuckton of dragon of legend packs (more likely the second alternative) and then instan-ban this card
  5. Probability taken personally

    lots of good info and insights. this should be the dgz's most pos'd thread  :wub: 
  6. great idea (but i don't like lands so i went for something close)
  7. listen up DGZ faggots

    this guy really has more losses than win on dn? lol
  8. Prophecy - Discussion

    It's inconsistent.  I tried reliving Jowgenstun but without SBoJ it's just not feasible.  I recommend not bothering to be honest unless you like losing more than winning. i just like the idea of getting a kycoo or justice from the deck (even without jowgen) but it can be also a dead draw. and this deck doesn't need any
  9. Prophecy - Discussion

    maybe this was already mentioned somewhere in this thread, but has anyone tried a single copy of magician's circle in stun-books (maybe with 1 jowgen maindecked) ?
  10. i've had some trouble with my isp so i couldn't finish my thread. it's too late to post it , right?
  11. Helllllllllllllo

    you've come to the best place if you're looking to improve. welcome!
  12. i will fix this asap. obviously is not finished yet
  13. is this good? i apologize in advance for the typos / grammar
  14. YCS Toronto 2013 Aug 31-Sept 1st?

    dale went 7-0-1 with dragunities so happy :) gl to all dgzers
  15. Bait Doll

    the icarus trick is kinda fun, i'll try that