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  1. I went X-2 then dropped cause how late it was and I was playing kozmo. Regardless, not winning the dice roll and being forced to go second was a nightmare.
  2. The reason for lack of stream may be actually due to how far behind the event actually is. First event I went to where Konami actually had to cut day one short(only 8 rounds instead of 9). When I left at 8 est it was only round 5.
  3. The guy in the video is a colossal dick and I had great pleasure 2-0ing him 2013 nats. On topic, I ordered the book and it's seriously an amazing read.
  4. Who said they were dead? As long as sorcerer is at 3 with monkey and joker the deck is still real
  5. Returning to YGO with Monarchs

    The thing about kuraz playing only one kuraz is if you happen to draw it, enther loses so much utility. You will need to disrupt plays and having kuraz in hand is just insulting
  6. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I mean to be fair I really don't care, just strictly saying that herp derp edea loses to veiler is a terrible fucking point. Mike is the only one coming up with other arguments and I actually learned a lot from his posts which may or may not affect my opinion but everyone else is just throwing around baseless insults or the veiler point.
  7. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Yea I was going to mention the twin twister interaction as well but figured this argument has been going on since the thread started and clearly no one will agree on which is better so instead of derailing the thread I let it go.
  8. Monarch - Deck Discussion

              This, 100%.   That feature match Veiler was in Game 1. If his opponent were good, would he have had Veiler in Game 1? No. Hell, he probably shouldn't have it in even post-side as there are better options. But did he have it? Did he win that game because of it? He sure did. Because not everyone is as good as you think they are. And by playing an engine that's completely shut down by a popular card to average players, you're opening yourself up to losing to them. It's even an uncontrollable situation. You can't say "Well if I think they have a Veiler, I'll just play around it". What the hell are you going to do, never summon your Edea? Try to make a play with your other 4 cards? Seems like a good plan, doesn't it?   You don't need Edea's effects to win. If you are tribute summoning monsters, searching for Return, Ehthering on their turn.. You win. Getting back spells for free, having free extra tribute fodder, having 2 summons per turn.. none of those are going to win you extra games. You're going to win regardless if you started with Mithra or Edea. You're opening yourself up to Veiler for almost no reason. Plus the fact that was brought up, you can't side out of the entire Edea engine once people do bring in Veiler. That sounds sooooooooooooo bad. If you've found that the extra spells and fodder are necessary to win once you get your engine rolling you're just playing the deck really badly and inefficiently. That's all there is to it. Edea is win more. What extra it offers is irrelevant. But you're willing to give all the advantages from edea up for the ability to play around veiler? A card that barely anyone is playing? Strike argument is irrelevant because if they have strike they can just save it for your big monarch, effectively shutting down your turn as well.
  9. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Also edea won me so many games cause recycling and stuff. I'll take the chance that I might die to veiler for the sheer power edea offers
  10. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I like never summoned edea when I ran it in my regional build unless it felt safe to do so, in fact, there's so many other ways to tribute summon even if you aren't playing mithra(I think mithra isn't even that good). Naming cards like strike(easy as hell to play around anyways)and fog blade(just play domain and stormforth into a lv 8)is kinda pointless when it's so easy to play around traps @.@ Idk maybe I just got lucky all day but I never lost cause something happened to edea. That seems blown out of proportion tbh

    This is honestly cool as shit
  12. devpro/ygopro

    It's updated on android as I'm currently using it. Only up to bosh and like millennium pack or whatever but overall I still get a lot of online matches in and haven't had any issues yet.
  13. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    The initial post of course.
  14. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Guess what day it is today This is literally fucking dumb and doesn't help at all.Neither. Does. Constant. Bitching. How am I bitching? Because I don't want the thread derailed by someone posting something that's irrelevant ?
  15. She ssems rude in every single post