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  1. Photo I took while visiting Istanbul last Sept. One of my favorite shots from my trip.
  2. Loving this game, but supply issues in USA is a problem. Anyone here playing? also available on octgn to play online
  3. Im good. Thank you for email reminder
  4.   what I been trying out. 5-2
  5. OPM has been a fun watch so far
  6. working much better then I originally expected, am 7-1 with this.  obv with the amount of tributes.. sometimes things can turn sour. What I do like though is i am never ter locked.
  7.   Something I just started running today. Pretty solid so far.
  8. that just happened....
  9.   been working surprisingly well so far.   mjar not used in any game yet, might switch for a 3rd goat or 2nd tsuk
  10. I like it, fun. Only blast with chain has been useless so far. 
  11. fairly standard goat build. Sides been good against burn, and otk dfusion builds.   
  12. Correct.. no other store is hosting a large tourn May 16th 2015. since only this store has a time machine. 
  13. This season looked like it would be watchable... until the last 5 seconds of that trailer.  Lost all hope. Thank goodness for Flash.
  14. Anish (john Galt) and I played this yesterday, I really liked it. Neither of us played the original vs, so lots to learn but very fun. 
  15. He was just doing an ama on reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3hlu9f/im_lil_dicky_i_just_released_my_album/