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  1. If you need a laptop

    thank you. Yes, i was looking at this at first https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086KKKT15?tag=digitren08-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1&ascsubtag=1589038912853298bf but for Playing games as well i wasn’t sure this would do well. thanks
  2. If you need a laptop

    @rei you still here? Necrobump. best windows laptop under $700 that can also do some gaming as well like FF14 and such. thank you
  3. Final Fantasy TCG

    Good Luck To Gobstopper (Jordan) at FFTCG worlds this weekend. Can watch at the following stream tomorrow: https://www.twitch.tv/squareenix?fbclid=IwAR2G4SOqMTGUf-izy28eguKyDpTuR2Mc5e16EeV87ARUHbJNb0ATmJMAsQE
  4. rei got me. Great games. thanks
  5. Ya absolutely in. Even if i cant play ill still put the 5$ for this. Thank you Parielal.
  6. MZAAZM on Discord, Add to goats ( non exarion)
  7. in an exarionless goats, I was thinking to to replace the exarions with dekos in this build. I am iffy on if saku is still as needed in the main as it was with exarians everywhere. Also in the side I like 2 swaps and 2 mslv2. Have not played goats in since i think 2015 though so advice and help welcome. thank you
  8. ?? Also what program are you all using to play online? Thank you
  9. Final Fantasy TCG

    How did you do? And what did you run? USA nats is in LA this sept and this year only, anyone can enter in USA.
  10. Final Fantasy TCG

    Not sure about Canada but card availablity improved in usa and opus one wave 3 should be out soon also
  11. Anyone going to gencon this year? would love to play some goats between events.
  12. Final Fantasy TCG

    They will be reprinting currents sets to meet demand. first set was bit low in supply and they are printing a 3rd wave of them. at this time the most expensive non foil is L Cloud $45-50 and its foil it $65-70 each I think it will over time come down to $35-40 range for non foil. Avg competitive deck right now is about 200-300$ The first set supply issue also playing a part though I think $150-200 will be more realistic price down the road. But if you are a collector, foils are available as well.