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  1. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    either the falcons win huge, 3 touchdowns or more, or the patriots win a close one. as an atlanta native, obviously I'm rooting for my team to bring home a championship and makeup for that nightmare against the Broncos.
  2. The Official Wrestling Thread

    you know i love you but i disagree completely with this statement. the whole rumble itself was boring from start to finish, everything was predictable until the 25th spot but at that point we all knew the rumble sucked
  3. Overwatch [Full Version Available]

    So roadhogs hook is basically the same, if not better than what it was. Pretty frustrating considering he was one of the reasons for the last 3-4 months being so shit.
  4. The Official Wrestling Thread

    at this point it would be insane for omega to leave njpw kazuchika okada will probably never leave njpw truthfully, the company has too much invested in him as well as the fact that wwe wouldn't know how to use the most talented wrestler on the planet
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Quotes in the future!

    cody with the next level

    may i still get my free shirt for being the only duelist to meet you at that magic tournament 2 years back?
  7. Username History

    spaceman kezia im a lamp
  8. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Pretty sure Kazuchika Okada is in 3 of my top 5 greatest matches of all time
  9. you wanna know what kittens do

    Anything cat related is wonderful
  10. you wanna know what kittens do

  11. Towers Djinn Stratos Morphing jar 2 Damage juggler Sangan Tribe infecting virus Victory dragon Witch of the black forest Yata Elma Super rejuvenation Last turn Return from the dd Time seal Any dragon ruler with the errata of "you can only use the effect of ONE dragon ruler once per turn"
  12. you wanna know what kittens do

    hello my kitty cat brethren
  13. you wanna know what kittens do

  14. you wanna know what kittens do

    i might actually, just depends on how popular umvc3 will be on ps4
  15. Battle City: Retro Formats Leader Board & Match Report Thread

    just wanna apologize for disappearing last year and not updating this at all. got super busy with work and shit and totally forgot about this. im sorry friends