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  1. i might actually, just depends on how popular umvc3 will be on ps4
  2. just wanna apologize for disappearing last year and not updating this at all. got super busy with work and shit and totally forgot about this. im sorry friends
  3. yeah i still play from time to time, mainly with super casual stuff like buster blader or bls or bw
  4. meow and purr
  5. yeah sorry guys i've been super busy lately, I'll update the records tonight. Spotlight of the week is Goat Control.
  6. got nippie 2-1 in tengu plant
  7. i'm a cat and i love to purr and meow when i'm around friends
  8. i wonder how low patrick drops if you take away his 14 regional tops
  9. march 2007 list
  10. i opened the nuts then you flip dustshoot to make the nuts irrelevant. on top of that, ripping cards at opportune times. -__- my biggest gripe with dustshoot is that, yeah, it's super fucking powerful and makes the format not fun at all but back then the card was BARELY used in main decks. and even when it started seeing play in main decks, it was towards the end of the format. for every one purrson maining dustshoot, 4-5 were maining sakuretsu or some other card. everyone main decking dustshoot literally changes the format completely. idk maybe i'm not thinking rationally i'm still salty about losing QQ
  11. sinister serpent sacked the absolute shit out of me to win 2-1 tengu plant. unfuckingbelievable
  12. SPOTLIGHT FORMAT OF THE WEEK IS 2011 TENGU PLANTS Start: May 17 2016 End: May 24 2016
  13. survivor needs a cute kitten to participate so i'll be the kitten