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  1. Team DGz vs. Team YugiohETC

    hey guys, apologies for my sporattic activity. Tomorrow starts exam week for my college and so I've been busy studying and will stay busy until 10am on Wednesday. Thats when my last test will be over. We can finish it then. Sorry for the inconvenience and I appreciate your patience and understanding.
  2. Team DGz vs. Team YugiohETC

    got bodan 2-1 vggs, nice guy
  3. Team DGz vs. Team YugiohETC

    on. "drewsliphay" dn
  4. Team DuelistGroundz[.com] vs. ETC Forums

    lul. good going. Damn propaganda....
  5. Team DuelistGroundz[.com] vs. ETC Forums

    o4gs. aim: drusliphay best of luck all around. absolute hit me up last night, but I'd had a few too many cold ones at that point, so I had to decline. So for that I apologize. Lets get this shit on.
  6. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

    I wouldnt think so. The way I'm fairly sure it would work is as follows: Fossil dyna does not prevent special summoning cards to be activated. It simply prevents the action of special summoning of a card. Starlight road can still activate as a result, but upon the proper resolution of starlight road, the activating player simply would not be able to summon stardust dragon.