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  1. I love all the work the OPs of these deck discussion writers do, but these bright fonts are rather discriminating towards Overlay Blue theme users.
  2. Is Scrap Factory "if" or "when"? Looks like when.
  3. ^ Probably Xerath.
  4. Who made the Duelistgroundz team on League? L0L
  5. Probably around that time. The previous promos have been give or take 2 months. I'm guessing June 2014 and September the latest.
  6.   This is the correct answer.
  7. If two colossal Fight battle the non-turn player gets a colossal fighter and the turn player gets nothing. And? That has nothing to do with missing the timing.   If both Colossal Fighters battle, and both players choose to activate the effects, then, once again, due to SEGOC:   Chain Link 1: Turn Player's Colossal Fighter Chain Link 2: Opponent's Colossal Fighter   Recall that you select targets when forming the Chain Link. Therefore, the opponent (who is Chain Link 2) may select their opponent's (turn player, AKA Chain Link 1) target, causing the Chain Link 1 to resolve without effect. (Resolve Chain Links backwards; opponent Special Summon player turn's target, and now the target is no longer valid).   Since it's the turn player's Colossal Fighter, the turn player can kill the Colossal Fighter later in the Duel and will be able to activate its effect anyways (CotH a 2900< ATK monster or something idk), so it's not NOTHING, but generally it isn't a good position to be in lol.
  8. Thanks for editing the article. ^^;   And, no, we did not miss the point. Saying that "No, you may not resolve the card [Blackship of Corn] while Macro is face-up" is a tad bit misleading.
  9. Nice catch. Blackship of Corn would banish the monster instead of sending it to the Graveyard, but you do not inflict 1000 damage, as the OCG ruling states.
  10.   I believe you mean 'last' thing you do when you enter the Damage Step".   It'd be rather silly if you send the monster to the Graveyard before you can even determine its ATK/DEF values! :p
  11. :( It's gonna be hard (or at least take a while), I figure. I would guess that the kind of people who buy these kinds of products are not the type to scan/document them.
  12. Oh! I didn't know they reprinted the actual booster pack with PSCT. That's actually REALLY cool! I found a few pictures on Wikia. (Okay, well, two) (Gallery) I hope someone uploads all the updated card images soon.   RftDD looks great. [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  13. Is that the case?   I never 100% understood the situation...  :-,   Edit: I'm dumb. Stardust and RDA are 5D's manga promos. (I thought they were slated as JUMP promos)
  14. Does anyone know what's the deal with the manga-version Signer Dragons? Are they Shueisha cards? 
  15. 1) Extrapolating from XX-Saber Darksoul, for Hysteric Sign's second effect to activate, it needs to remain in the Graveyard.   2) Activating the second effect of Hysteric Sign is mandatory, as it doesn't state "you can".   3) You must add at least 1 "Harpie" card to your hand.    4) I don't know. :(