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  1. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Yeah the argument of they will just Veiler the Monarch instead of the Squire so whats the differance is so fucking poor. When Edea gets Veiler'd you literally just lose. If they Veiler a Monarch its not nearly as bad. You can still trigger Return, you still have fodder for Ehther, and you still have a pretty big dude. There's no comparison.
  2. You, too, can have an epic gaming PC.

    I love my Logitech G602 gaming mouse and it cost like 40 bucks.
  3. For only 97 dollars

  4. I believe it's basically to level the playing field. These brick and mortar stores take huge risks by opening shops with hopes to be profitable by supplying the community with products and services. Now these stores most of the time will further the community and grow it by having a place to go meet people and play like a YGO local. The issue arises when online vendors with little overhead (ie/ not paying big rent, utilities, etc) are able to undercut these brick and mortar stores because their overhead is so low. Really a great decision I think.
  5. Ycs Columbus

    Anyone know if you'll need any sort of badge to get in or can anyone just show up and enter?
  6. Powerball

    hookers and cocaine
  7. Kozmo - Discussion

    Key words are "the standby phase" not yours.
  8. We have locals selling two for 30 currently so I decided to split 4 with a friend because I had 40 bucks credit.
  9. ARG Format

    Yeah I have to agree it's insane how much backlash there is from the Towers ban. I don't play this format and don't plan on it any time soon but it's the same logic as why Djinn needed to be banned and why Nekroz Trish should go along with him. The card warps the game. While it's not insanely relevant it forces players to have to play subpar cards on the off chance they play against it. Sound familiar? Pretty much the exact same thing as being forced to play Book of Eclipse to beat Djinn or play effect negation to beat Nekroz Trishula.
  10. Platinum Rare Virgil would be fire. Everything else, not so much.
  11. RIP Nafe

    Thoughts and prayers go out to his friends, family, and loved ones.
  12. Why Do You Still Play Yu-Gi-Oh??

    Still trying to accomplish a goal I set.
  13. Nekroz - Discussion

    Math+Bulb seems worth testing when Noden comes out. Making a rank four for free and searching a combo piece seems strong.
  14. YGO World Championship 2015

    Kolenda for world champ 2015.
  15. Freestyle Friday

    Yo Imma let you finish but Slashtap wrote one of the best ygo articles of all time of all time.
  16. ITT I guess your favorite Pokemon

  17. Australian Nationals and Oceanic WCQ 2015

    10/10 would read again
  18. I really enjoyed the Gladiator Beast vs Blackwing match up back in the day.
  19. Yo

    oshit old school wb
  20. Nekroz - Discussion

    ARG has it on their facebook!   how did you like exiled over ddwl/bull?     I liked Exiled Force over DDWL/BULL because going into this event I noticed that when people would Djinn lock, they would instantly search for a Nekroz of Valkyrus because Valkyrus prevented Bull Blader or D.D. Warrior Lady from breaking their lock. Naturally I wanted to play a card that was not currently on the radar. Exiled Force proved to be a solid solution to the Djinn lock because the majority of Nekroz players were cutting Gungnir from their decks, and Valkyrus had no way to prevent Exiled Force from breaking my opponent's Djinn locks.    Basically I wanted a card that would be unexpected and still outed the Djinn lock.    I plan to post a tournament report to ARG and an uncensored one to DGZ at some point this week, which should have more explanations of the card choices I made.   :)     Was that why you also opted to include a copy of Gungnir in your main board? For people also thinking past Warrior Lady/Blader for Djinn answers that don't lose to Valkyrus?
  21. Astral Pack 7

    I just feel like as the minions they deserve super, not ultimate. Ultimate is for "bigger" cards.
  22. Astral Pack 7

    http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/news/ap07.html Hope Skarm is a super, along with Graff and Cir in later Astral Packs. Ulti Skarm wouldn't fit imo.
  23. fuck urthor