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  1. I'd say you've made DG great again.
  2. Good ol' Triangle Button Simulator I think getting a PS4 + this would make for a decent bday gift.
  3. So I'm actually unfamiliar with the last bullet in this. What special ID does Trump want Muslims to wear? Is this something related to him suggesting more surveillance of Muslims?
  4. Tygo, you're a fucking comedic genius. Unfortunately, no Photoshop and this looks awful in Paint. I'm honestly disappointed in myself now.
  5. Too bad Hillary's campaign sided out their Djinns.
  6. Yeah, this thread was a huge letdown. Would you mind taking the reigns?
  7. To be fair, I suspect people would immediately bring up adoption as a counterpoint to this. Which, of course, still leaves you with the remaining ~9 months. Alternatively, having some means of logistically being able to determine if a couple was using contraceptives and that they did fail would be useful. This at least helps with finding cases where the product failed and the resulting actions that should be taken in those instances.
  8. This election? At this point, regardless of who wins, I can't wait for the next four years to be over. Not just because of the candidates, but also because of the backlash among the general public likely to come from this election.
  9. Wouldn't this technically be a compliment?
  10. police shooting

    Just to clarify, you're not the only one.
  11. This is where your bad choices began.
  12. Sadly, there's no system in the game to directly turn bulk into packs or whatever else. Maybe try dumping it off to someone in a trade with other more valuable cards? I'm not sure if anyone would bother though.

    The Medicham's kinda cute but it doesn't really do enough. 90 HP with no resistances means it gets OHKO'ed by the majority of the meta, and its attack doesn't do enough damage since it doesn't apply weakness. You'll mainly be relying on support cards, Fury Belt and Strong Energy, to get there with it.

    Pengwan kinda gives away the answer about Night March. Nothing's really replaced Mew EX in terms of flexibility but Shaymin EX has taken its place as a splashable mons. The closest thing to Colress we have now would probably be N, although that's not quite as strong.

    I'll try breaking down the concepts I've picked up on then. I think the best way to describe Pokemon is somewhat like Chess. You're most rewarded for planning and being prepared turns in advance and managing all of the resources available to you. One of the more obvious things is noticing signals from your opponent, such as the energies they play telling you which mons they're trying to set up with next. A big thing to be aware of isn't just what your opponent is doing in the current turn but also what they can do on the next turn depending on how you play out your own. You'll run into a few situations where you're just sacrificing mons to keep setting up your next big play (like sacrificial pawns) or just leaving a beefy mons in the active to stall because your opponent simply cannot knock it out unless they want to lose to what you have coming up next. As far as signals go, there's also the fact that with all the searching and drawing in this game, a lot of turns can feel very predictable and formulaic. This makes deviations pretty obvious, which then means spotting a weak hand or board position becomes pretty obvious. Also on that note about searching and drawing, this game has an absurd amount of it. Miles more than any game I've played, including FoW and Yugioh (thankfully, Pokemon doesn't have its own Alice's World). The point here is that being aware of the contents of your deck is very important. Stalling the game until someone either runs out of resources or cards in deck is a real strategy, so you have to keep track of not only what's on the board and in your hand but also your deck and, if possible, even your prizes. As far as prizes go, if you weren't already aware of this trick, the first time in a game when you have any kind of search effect, try scanning through your deck a few times to figure out what you have prized and plan some of your decisions later in the game around that. Last point is suited towards card games in general, which is just related to managing the limited resources you have each turn. One energy per turn is similar to one land drop per turn from Magic. One supporter per turn is similar to the hoards of once per turn cards in Yugioh. Get as much value out of these as you can and make sure you properly sequence plays. For example, being aware of the tradeoff between playing an energy before using something like Sycamore (discard your hand and draw 7) or hoping you hit a better energy off of it could make or break a turn. A bigger concept to explore here would be some number crunching, but I'll hold off on that for now. Hopefully, some of this is helpful.