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  1. I am ten

    Especially if you're under 18.
  2. Banned and restricted announcement, 4/24/17

    Well, looks like you get to add Felidar Guardian to that list.
  3. Amonkhet Previews

    Well, I was so fucking wrong. Harsh Mentor is nuts.
  4. Amonkhet Previews

    I've identified the chase rare. Standard seems to be lacking on a lot of support for this card, but it does at least make the two most relevant sources of noncombat damage that much better. Harnessed Lightning can now keep up with all of the indestructible gods we're getting and Walking Ballista can now shrink anything it couldn't just outright kill. I think this will find the best home either in Mardu Ballista or some BR value/tempo deck. Outside of Standard, this card is just an insane amount of utility for burn decks.
  5. I don't think the mats should be required, but communication between players is going to become even more important because of this. On the topic of mats though, I'd love to see some 2-player mats that include the extra monster zones.
  6. Important New Features Added

    I'd say you've made DG great again.
  7. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

    Good ol' Triangle Button Simulator I think getting a PS4 + this would make for a decent bday gift.
  8. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  9. United States Presidential Election

    So I'm actually unfamiliar with the last bullet in this. What special ID does Trump want Muslims to wear? Is this something related to him suggesting more surveillance of Muslims?
  10. US Supreme Court Jusice Antonin Scalia died today

    Tygo, you're a fucking comedic genius. Unfortunately, no Photoshop and this looks awful in Paint. I'm honestly disappointed in myself now.
  11. US Supreme Court Jusice Antonin Scalia died today

    Too bad Hillary's campaign sided out their Djinns.
  12. Top 10 Most Complex Card Games

    Yeah, this thread was a huge letdown. Would you mind taking the reigns?
  13. United States Presidential Election

    To be fair, I suspect people would immediately bring up adoption as a counterpoint to this. Which, of course, still leaves you with the remaining ~9 months. Alternatively, having some means of logistically being able to determine if a couple was using contraceptives and that they did fail would be useful. This at least helps with finding cases where the product failed and the resulting actions that should be taken in those instances.
  14. United States Presidential Election

    This election? At this point, regardless of who wins, I can't wait for the next four years to be over. Not just because of the candidates, but also because of the backlash among the general public likely to come from this election.
  15. Wouldn't this technically be a compliment?