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  1. i mean to be fair, the new macbook does appeal to a certain crowd. i for example have rarely ever plugged anything but my charger into my mba for the 3+ years i've had it.
  2. jfc, 6 pre-release
  3. Stoneforge saw very fringe play until Sword of Feast and Famine came out, not Batterskull. SoFaF's release corresponded with Pro Tour Paris, which was where Cawblade's dominance began, and the rest is history, 4x Stoneforge all day every day.   Also, the apprehension with Jace wasn't shuffling (fetches were released in the set prior to Jace) but the fact that Bloodbraid+Blightning just straight murdered Jace and by extension, control decks in general. Jace did end up seeing play of course, and Wafo topped French Nationals with a UW control deck (of course he did), but he didn't really explode until the format after.
  4. You must not dgz if you don't know who I am.
  5. is there any interest in reviving this thread?
  6. i'm sorry.
  7. Organic doesn't really affect fruit snacks still being bad for you. There is such a thing as organic sugar, and it's still sugar
  8. all the dark chocolate hate is pretty depressing. hershey's/all candy bar milk choc. is the exact opposite of real chocolate.
  9. i think at this point we're meeting at the w 24th barcade friday the 7th around 6:45-7
  10. I'm closing that night, so probably won't be there, but any beer nerds are in luck: http://barcadenewyork.com/events/24/perennial-artisan-ales-night/   Some great beers should still be on tap leftover from 2 days prior.
  11. NYC

    there's a chinese place right down the street from my house that does some of the hands down best stuff in the city for super cheap, and it's byob, a rarity in nyc.