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  1. Pokemon GO

    I still play a lot every day lol.
  2. Pokemon GO

    This is my first time on dgz in well over a month, but I'm just curious on how often everyone still plays? I understand that some of you see this game as "dead" while others do not.
  3. Pokemon GO

    I ran full incubators for the first day or two of the event and then stopped. Burned through like 6000 coins because all I was getting were 2k eggs
  4. Pokemon GO

    So am I still the only level 40 on this forum? Lol
  5. Pokemon GO

    I already have every evo item evolution. Here's my johto dex so far.
  6. Pokemon GO

  7. Pokemon GO

    Future sight is amazing. Second highest dps charge move in the game according to silph road.
  8. Pokemon GO

    This is one fat bastard
  9. Pokemon GO

    If you have an iPhone use Pok├ęTracker. It displays the IVs and gives directions.
  10. Pokemon GO

    I've had the pogo+ since October. It can be pretty derpy at times. Im starting to get annoyed with this event though. Literally just clefairy everywhere. I don't mind the egg spawns but Jesus this is almost as bad as the Halloween event.
  11. Pokemon GO

    I'd buy incubators during this event, but there's literally no point now lmao. All I want out of eggs are Dratini, Chansey, Lapras, and Snorlax.
  12. Pokemon GO

    Finally got there tonight. It was a fun ride<3
  13. Pokemon GO

    The entire gym meta is stale asf.
  14. Pokemon GO

    2 million xp in a week. So close guys
  15. Pokemon GO

    Meant to post this yesterday but I forgot. Only 5mil xp to go :')