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  1. if you click on this topic you must post E

  2. As a consumer, and a person who works constantly and heavily in the R&D and having to negotiate with a majority of our vendors, and being a fucking consumer. I would MUCH rather have somebody who could pick up on the product fast, convey it to me in a way that I can see me needing / wanting it. The whole 'hiring someone because they're hot' is a fucking terrible thing to do, it's like hiring a less desirable or less technical engineer because they're female, and you want to make your team 'look more diverse'. It's a dangerous line to fucking tow when you're management and only hiring somebody because of their looks. Moral compass more or less shouts, that you should go with the more qualified person. There was even a specific distinction from OP in skill differences, keynoting specific strengths of the first candidate.. Where the other one OP had discussed was more or less average. Sidenote: Male / Female, you put gender the fuck aside, and choose who is better, there's LITERALLY no grey area for that. If you think the female is the better fit for what you're doing, do so, but don't bring her looks into this, it's severely unprofessional && wrong. And as for you Faint, It's nice to see you too man.. Glad not much has changed
  3. i've been gone for forever ama

    you'll get your wake up call eventually, it took me essentially living my life for others, and looking for true validation from the outside, and then realizing that was fucking stupid for me to wise up and become more selfless, you do a lot of growing up when you figure out you aren't anything on this planet, and that if you live a pretentious edgy little shit, you're going to die known the same way, also.. you'll realize how much you hate yourself being the way you are because you'll meet others like you, and be like "well fuck that guy." not much, I'm cruising around, going through a really hard time trying to re-prioritize my life, and make amends with myself to become a better human being, it's stressful, and it's hard, and I'm failing, but I'll get there eventually. when acp had picked up the site, it more or less turned into an alt right cesspool, i felt no common ground with a majority of people here, I still feel like I'm lacking a lot of common ground since I don't play YGO anymore, and I don't feel the connection towards a majority of people here. Ash, wanted me to come back to DG, and I figured I'd give it the good ole' college try. I'm not regretting my decision by any stretch at the moment, but from what i've seen thus far nothing has change, and nothing will change, so I came back to comfortably ruminate in this filth.
  4. i came back because ash asked nicely

    i play goats, but haven't played in years.
  5. I mean this is kind of a piece of shit question, to be honest and the fact you need to be thinking about this is like beyond me. You hire the person way more qualified, I mean do you want competent people working in your store? You don't just take somebody that literally has zero sales experience, if you need them to bring in sales for your store which I'm guessing works off of commission. Also you work for a store that cells phones, but you have the 'Uber' corporate mentality, I hope you never get out of managing small scale specifically, and never live on to be a manager at somewhere corporate, because if you do I'm going to take pity on the staff that you're managing, and the team you're planning on building if you really need to ask yourself this question.
  6. wonderland?

    I don't think that quite matters to Ash.
  7. super fucking urgent topic

    At least you remember bb.
  8. super fucking urgent topic

    Forlin, let me know when you're going there. I'd love to hang out again.
  9. going through a shitstorm.. send positive vibes.
  10. when you didn't realize you were stuck in the backlog.. and you post talking about everyone missing everyone, and here i am missing people that are posting in backlog..
  11. reggie the intent of this thread is not to post after you hit the refresh button jesus christ.