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  1. Bleach Manga

    Idk what you were expecting. This is just Sharingan beats Sharingan theory all over again.
  2. Bleach Manga

    The sword was timestamped for the past though and then he just smacked the fuck out of them. I don't think him timestamping a terrible injury is beyond his power, but I doubt he'll do it.
  3. Bleach Manga

    Tinfoil time: I'm betting Aizen is going to be extremely close to death at some point, so after using Antithesis to reverse what happened between Yhwach and Ichigo, Uryu he then does it to Aizen and the Hogyoku. Some Quincy reishi voodoo will allow the Aushwallen arrow to absorb the Hogyoku reishi and become The Arrow of Hope and Light (lol Digimon references) which will then be shot into Ichigo with Uryu delivering some cool anime line; "Ryuuken gave me this arrow to use on Yhwach...but I think it suits you better." before either biting it (which would most likely be prevented by the timely arrival of the father duo) or passing out. This then fills Ichigo with determination, and he delivers the actual literal not shitting you Final Getsuga Tensho and saves the day. As for Renji, you can just replay some clips of Vegeta trying to hold off Majin Buu/Kid Buu for reference. Especially after that Rukia flashback, he's gonna drop dead.
  4. Pokemon GO

    git gud
  5. Bleach Manga

    Toshiro was always Ice Yama. He was just stuck in Ice Gin mode till before this chapter. And I think the implication we're getting is that unless you fuse or have mastered every aspect of your Bankai and are in the younger age bracket, you can fuck off. Having ability freeze was also predictable as all shit if you read Akame Ga Kill.   I'm more interested in what Byakuya's boosted abilities are. Cause I'm pretty sure he's going to bust out an enhanced mode of Hakuteiken that completely bisects anything and everything that it cuts, 
  6. Bleach Manga

    I mean, I can't say I'm surprised that Kenpachi overclocked himself. Can't say I'm surprised Yachiru fucked up trying to overclock him either. They're both amateurs with a fuckton of reiatsu between them with only the basics on how to use a Zan properly. This is the exact same thing Byakuya was telling Ichigo and what Ichigo was experiencing firsthand when his bones were snapping due to his lack of experience with Tensa Zangetsu.   The Toshiro shit is going to be downright confusing, but eh.
  7. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

    It also helps that everything branches into everything at some point. So even then it's just a matter of stat manipulation which the Digi Farm handles easily.
  8. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

    This game took monster breeding to a new level entirely imo.
  9. Recommend me some card games that...

    uh lol
  10. FLCL Season 2 and 3 are in the works

    Because it's the story of a boy coming of age. Naota still didn't finish growing up which was the exact point of Haruko leaving him behind. We could also potentially see Naota go Amuro's route because Haruko pulled the exact same stunt on him as well. Obviously she's more fond of Naota, but just the interaction between him and Haruko with the fact that he actually is dating Ninamori now in itself is enough to write about. Not to mention all the untouched manga content that they can weave in.   Like, 15 years ago when I was 7 watching this, I knew there had to be more. Let's do this shit.
  11. Bleach Manga

    Yeah Hitsugaya gets dragged into a lot of gags and after all the mental torture he's been through by being zombified fighting and getting reconditioned by Mayuri, I'm sure that's boosted his sarcastic wit by a fuckton, That's what makes Byakuya's reaction even more hilarious.
  12. One Piece Manga

    This one is a gem too.
  13. One Piece Manga

    I can't see Dragon as anything other than a father to a giant dysfunctional family consisting of Koala, Robin, Sabo, and Luffy with Iva and Kuma as uncles.
  14. Bleach Manga

    Kubo is doing anything but sprinting imo. Lille and Shunsui took forever and still isn't over technically. Toshiro vs Gerard is going to be a whole nother beast unless he asspulls some ability to freeze time (lol esdeath), not to mention we still got Hashbrown to deal with. And Yhwach has Zanka no Tachi ready to get unleashed as well, so expect some Edo Tensei shit to go on that brings in the Fullbringers, any Arrancar, Ryuuken, Isshin, Tessai, the remaining Viards after Toshiro cleans up Gerard, and Aizen.   Nel is legit a walking medical tent. We are nowhere near the end of this shit storm. Not yet. 
  15. Bleach Manga

    I like how Urahara cut the shit and just activated Bankai immediately. Dude got his eye blown out and was like "Nah, I'm not Shunsui. Fuck that shit, Bankai."   Probably one of the quickest escalations this manga has seen for a while tbh.