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  1. I'm pretty sure Reiju is the best out of the 4. She got on land first and was jumping over the flame hurdles effortlessly, while the others had clearly pained expressions on their faces. And if Diable Jambe is any indication, Sanji is probably going to get even stronger flame powers or better Haki.
  2. best bitch
  3. Zodiac Time Beasts confirmed.
  4. I wouldn't put it past BM to try and fuck up the Vinsmokes leaving Sanji as figurehead for them. And with him as her prisoner, she'll basically have an undisputed rule over Germa. Not to mention that with Brulee's ability to capture people she'll still have that hold on him. Bege could already be in some shit due to injuring Pekoms spurring him to switch sides when the opportunity presents itself. Idk, just seems like there's a bunch of potential for even more shit to hit the fan than what we know.
  5. Cracker is fucked once Luffy actually hits him and not just because Kong Guns hurt like fuck. That "I even can't stand the prick of a shot line" probably means once he gets a good smack to the head, he's out. Also BM sounds like she wants Luffy to come fuck shit up tbh. This is probably going to hit Red Wedding tiers of backstabbing.
  6. Escanor, Ban, Meliodas are the power trio.
  7. So...did that kid just Fullbring?
  8. It's significantly different. Niantic's catch rates are sporadic as fuck and even the "Well it has X CP" is bullshit since low levels can easily escape and sprint like no tomorrow. Game is getting better slowly but is still trashy.
  9. Anyone who didn't think Jinbe was going to be on the crew when he literally said "Yeah for sure, let me just handle some business first." is a damned fool.
  10. Niantic can still eat a gigantic bag of dicks. Game still sucks ass in its current state.
  11. Game went straight to shit. It was fun while it lasted.
  12. Yeah, Toriko slid into the worst type of boss rush. The one that appears out of FUCKING NOWHERE.
  13. This manga is going to be so disgustingly incomplete that it hurts. Oh well at least the ride is over.
  14. 7DS is by far the manga that does the "we have an incredibly powerful plot device lurking around" trope the best.
  15. Idk what you were expecting. This is just Sharingan beats Sharingan theory all over again.