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  1. what the fuck
  2. Cottonmouth's laugh made the show for me tbh
  3. "Oh"
  4. As a guy who sells phones regularly for a living, don't get an IPhone. Get an S7 if you don't want an exploding phone or just get an LG V20 when they release.
  5. What in the actual fuck is up with the black maid's designs? Shit's like watching those racist Loony Toons. Maybe I'm taking it too personally, but this is kinda turning me off to the manga.
  6. fuck her parents in front of her with it's hip to be square playing in the background
  7. Holy fuck Oda doesn't forget shit
  8. I'm pretty sure Reiju is the best out of the 4. She got on land first and was jumping over the flame hurdles effortlessly, while the others had clearly pained expressions on their faces. And if Diable Jambe is any indication, Sanji is probably going to get even stronger flame powers or better Haki.
  9. best bitch
  10. Zodiac Time Beasts confirmed.
  11. I wouldn't put it past BM to try and fuck up the Vinsmokes leaving Sanji as figurehead for them. And with him as her prisoner, she'll basically have an undisputed rule over Germa. Not to mention that with Brulee's ability to capture people she'll still have that hold on him. Bege could already be in some shit due to injuring Pekoms spurring him to switch sides when the opportunity presents itself. Idk, just seems like there's a bunch of potential for even more shit to hit the fan than what we know.
  12. Cracker is fucked once Luffy actually hits him and not just because Kong Guns hurt like fuck. That "I even can't stand the prick of a shot line" probably means once he gets a good smack to the head, he's out. Also BM sounds like she wants Luffy to come fuck shit up tbh. This is probably going to hit Red Wedding tiers of backstabbing.
  13. I want to learn how to make vaporwave and die peacefully and I'm all out of vaporwave and peace.
  14. Escanor, Ban, Meliodas are the power trio.
  15. So...did that kid just Fullbring?