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  1. started battling took down a 2500 snorlax and 2700 dragonite with 1100 primape 1100 pinsir 1100 poliwrath 110 dewgong 1110 cloyster. my potions tho pokemon go misclicked lucky egg for me so i was evolving for no good reason. and had 49 machop candies to evolve a 1050 machoke. traded in my 1500 machamp with karate chop for a candy. evolved into a 1600 machamp with bullet punch. fail
  2. caught drowsees for a week then hit it w the gameshark
  3. i think the key counters will be a good electric or grass and machamp vs snorlax lapras vaporeon. maybe an ice type or another dragonite for vs dragonites. if same type attack bonus can swing a battle thats where the second move will come into play. like poliwrath vs lapras. or do base stats matter more than typing
  4. pokevision is accurate. 3 min delay here
  5. need that game academy prize support
  6. could all be dittos or mews
  7. not cut out for the pokemon world
  8. http://video.fight4free.com/mux/Pagesantoscyborgfightvideo.mp4
  9. yea the pre was better than the main. a few guys have hips or sweeps so its not the lnps fault but dam i gotta watch this guy do baby elbows for four minutes. when is khabib coming back. he makes grappling interesting
  10. last fight night is better than 200
  11. he did ok. more of the same from first encounter which is good considering he just got ktfo. could care less if u can jab and top control all match i never got excited to see floyd mayweather. i want to see ground fighting and evasion but systems geared towards inactivity and sparring. like im paying to watch someone practice. they get what they pay for. if fotn bonus at a mil would be less dull. need to put the prize in prize fighting. glory for me rn
  12. edgar also canceled aldos weapon. stalemates. fights need to be like one month notice so they cant come up and train all these neutrailizing plans to prevent a fight. would be different if they were taking away all their weapons to capitalize but they just cruise to end of rounds. cormier has only unleashed his striking against non threatening opps so that was fine. he had all the advantages to have a break out performance. let jones hold him back. if he wall stalled instead of lnp to set up those suplexes from the josh alex dan highlights he wouldve stunted on lesnar and become a star
  13. shouldve had all title fights on that card. all these game plans boring 199 turned out better
  14. electrical tape and ties could screw lil hooks on the underside of table to route wire depending where u put the desk want to smooth out one or more edges to avoid bumping into sharp corner