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  1. got banned again. just sniped mr mime too
  2. omg his cooking inspiration. adorable
  3. imo if im spending 2k might as well get corsair dominator instead of g skill that white case does look nice . the inwin cases are on the rise. i like the micro atx cubes.
  4. next level coon. the videos on espn. his childhood friend has good stories
  5. fucking quitter
  6. started battling took down a 2500 snorlax and 2700 dragonite with 1100 primape 1100 pinsir 1100 poliwrath 110 dewgong 1110 cloyster. my potions tho pokemon go misclicked lucky egg for me so i was evolving for no good reason. and had 49 machop candies to evolve a 1050 machoke. traded in my 1500 machamp with karate chop for a candy. evolved into a 1600 machamp with bullet punch. fail
  7. caught drowsees for a week then hit it w the gameshark
  8. i think the key counters will be a good electric or grass and machamp vs snorlax lapras vaporeon. maybe an ice type or another dragonite for vs dragonites. if same type attack bonus can swing a battle thats where the second move will come into play. like poliwrath vs lapras. or do base stats matter more than typing
  9. pokevision is accurate. 3 min delay here
  10. need that game academy prize support
  11. could all be dittos or mews
  12. not cut out for the pokemon world
  13. http://video.fight4free.com/mux/Pagesantoscyborgfightvideo.mp4