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  1. What class for you Jan 3, 2:40 PM It sadly got canceled due to the weather But i play a Grung Druid Jan 3 · 4:54 PM Don't reschedule it for next Sunday. . Fine I'll find a place for monday. Are you busy tomorrow Jan 3, 5:41 PM Well i mean if you're going to act and say things like that then no I decline any further requests Jan 3, 6:04 PM You're free to do what you please with your time. Sunday, Jan 3 · 10:52 PM Okay bc i don't decide when the reschedule date is; it's a group decision. And i am free to do as i please with my time, so when i am free, i am free. Not sure of my upcoming schedule this week. -pouncer
  2. Underrated REALLY good PSP games

    nintendogs for me
  3. One Piece Manga

    luffy about to be on shanks level
  4. One Piece Manga

    these sanji panels germa strawhats look like enough to take on mom . maybe rest of crew later or his some of his fleet
  5. One Piece Manga

    transformed into air so cp could traffic her but she prob beat em and mothers just chillin as the cloud
  6. The Flash

    thats like when leave bae ;; good score
  7. The Flash

    ending was good expansion on jlu brainiac moment. good emoness
  8. The Flash

    http://2.bp.blogspot.com/AL7ARFI9te64p2--5MK9CYMaTfBp94_Dn-IJYWrkG1e2Juvqgx8SOoBfWibe0AB0wWuazU4UhDijmo3wfvRQVeazv-yZOwHI4He-sR3CJPmsD93oJyxfBn_dobp72ZMtS2wh3A=s0 http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-Flash-2016/Issue-22?id=112350
  9. The Flash

    savitar has good scores
  10. The Flash

    best thing in season 2 and 3. chose freedom over bs and broke cycle . sacrificed meat after calcifying energy. good philosophers stone and future past emo angle
  11. Iron Fist

    all their boring non mask lives have too much screentime on all these shows. ironfist trying to be mad men. that hand storyline
  12. Get Out

    she captured him he was a pokemon. put him in the pokedex. gravity bind and dna surgery to send him to the shadow realm