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  1. thats like when leave bae ;; good score
  2. ending was good expansion on jlu brainiac moment. good emoness
  3. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/AL7ARFI9te64p2--5MK9CYMaTfBp94_Dn-IJYWrkG1e2Juvqgx8SOoBfWibe0AB0wWuazU4UhDijmo3wfvRQVeazv-yZOwHI4He-sR3CJPmsD93oJyxfBn_dobp72ZMtS2wh3A=s0 http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-Flash-2016/Issue-22?id=112350
  4. savitar has good scores
  5. best thing in season 2 and 3. chose freedom over bs and broke cycle . sacrificed meat after calcifying energy. good philosophers stone and future past emo angle
  6. 5 island 4 forest 4 swamp 2 mountain 1 painted bluff 1 cascading cataracts glyph keeper, glorybringer, greater sandwurm 2 naga oracle, soulstinger baleful ammit, plague belcher, weaver of currents oashra cultivator essence scatter, cancel, reduce / rubble, illusory wrappings, decision paralysis trial of zeal, electrify 2 cartouche of ambition, trial of ambition, splendid agony, final reward gift of paradise prob take splendid agony and illusory wrappings and a naga oracle add doomed dissenter and open into wonder and bounce went 2-2. mana was good. missed a trial trigger and made some bad blocks. next time i will crush them with my rainbow
  7. guess i shouldve used my oracles vault . rug 7 island 7 forest 4 mountain counters and bombs (3 manticores, crocodile hexproof, 4 flyers) were enough to win half. had 2 censors and 2 essence scatter 1 magma spray 3 mana ramp 2 drops. enough to always have vs boros and gruul. both combo off with exert triggers and instants but removal and already had enough mid drops out shouldve probably main decked the cartouche and enchantments (had both for red and blue) for value maybe red god promo too. got shut down by the white one. first strike on vigilance flyer walled me for days with the tap zombie and tap artifact. needed more burn n artifact removal opened liliana. embalm clone and green mana ramp 3/4
  8. all their boring non mask lives have too much screentime on all these shows. ironfist trying to be mad men. that hand storyline
  9. she captured him he was a pokemon. put him in the pokedex. gravity bind and dna surgery to send him to the shadow realm