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  1.   [spoiler]http://stream-tv2.la/watch-online-the-flash/[/SPOILER]         good shit
  2. luffy about to be on shanks level
  3. these sanji panels germa strawhats look like enough to take on mom . maybe rest of crew later or his some of his fleet
  4. transformed into air so cp could traffic her but she prob beat em and mothers just chillin as the cloud
  5. thats like when leave bae ;; good score
  6. ending was good expansion on jlu brainiac moment. good emoness
  7. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/AL7ARFI9te64p2--5MK9CYMaTfBp94_Dn-IJYWrkG1e2Juvqgx8SOoBfWibe0AB0wWuazU4UhDijmo3wfvRQVeazv-yZOwHI4He-sR3CJPmsD93oJyxfBn_dobp72ZMtS2wh3A=s0 http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/The-Flash-2016/Issue-22?id=112350
  8. savitar has good scores
  9. best thing in season 2 and 3. chose freedom over bs and broke cycle . sacrificed meat after calcifying energy. good philosophers stone and future past emo angle
  10. all their boring non mask lives have too much screentime on all these shows. ironfist trying to be mad men. that hand storyline
  11. she captured him he was a pokemon. put him in the pokedex. gravity bind and dna surgery to send him to the shadow realm
  12. keep it private n not promote it maybe
  13. blend a cup of fruit and small ice cubes maybe some greens
  14. we need a digimon clone app
  15. In astrophysics, accretion is the accumulation of particles into a massive object by gravitationally attracting more matter, typically gaseous matter, in an accretion disk.[1][2] Most astronomical objects, such as galaxies, stars, and planets, are formed by accretion processes. Stars are thought to form inside giant clouds of cold molecular hydrogen—giant molecular clouds of roughly 300,000 M☉ and 65 light-years (20 pc) in diameter.[6][7] Over millions of years, giant molecular clouds are prone to collapse and fragmentation.[8] These fragments then form small, dense cores, which in turn collapse into stars.[7] The cores range in mass from a fraction to several times that of the Sun and are called protostellar (protosolar) nebulae. As the collapse continues, conservation of angular momentum dictates that the rotation of the infalling envelope accelerates, which eventually forms a disk. The disk eventually disappears due to accretion onto the central star, planet formation, ejection by jets, and photoevaporation by ultraviolet radiation from the central star and nearby stars.[15] As a result, the young star becomes a weakly lined T Tauri star, which, over hundreds of millions of years, evolves into an ordinary Sun-like star, dependent on its initial mass.
  16. This event represents the establishment of maat and the origin of life. One fragmentary tradition centers on the eight gods of the Ogdoad, who represent the characteristics of the primeval water itself. Their actions give rise to the sun (represented in creation myths by various gods, especially Ra), whose birth forms a space of light and dryness within the dark water.[68] The sun was also closely associated with creation, and it was said to have first risen from the mound, as the general sun-god Ra or as the god Khepri, who represented the newly-risen sun.[6] In some texts the first humans spring from tears that Ra-Atum or his feminine aspect, the Eye of Ra, sheds
  17. nami manipulates prometheus and zeus weather maybe. i think theyre just clouds with souls
  18. vivi card
  19. got banned again. just sniped mr mime too