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  1. 5 round regional is probs like 4-5 invites (I forget what number it starts becoming a 6 round reg), also Ireland dosen't even get that many regionals in the first place? This is definitely going to boost regional attendance, hopefully that leads to better prizes from TOs. Also they need to clarify how the points work for YCS's and Euros, and hopefully Nats isn't as busted as it currently sounds, I can imagine them just giving pts based on the top cut amount (32/64 etc).
  2. Also apprantly the 3rd and 4th booster boxes are on sale but not seeing any discount. Really regretting spending the 500 gems they gave you when they released the 4th set, wish I spent them trying to get Mirror Wall.
  3. "DN is back"

    Actually it turned out it was under the hotel couch xD but still was hilarious xD
  4. Final Fantasy TCG

    Started playing this with a few mates, really enjoy it, though stock is almost impossible to find atm.
  5. YCS Liverpool

    Totally heavy slumped me after I drew 20+ cards off Maxx C, was a pretty cool way to be knocked out of the YCS.
  6. YCS Prague 2017

    Prague the last two years has been so good, definitely my favourite YCS's and will probs go for the 3rd time.
  7. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    This is my first draft of a beast druid deck, been doing fairly well atm. Any changes/recommendations? My friends have said to cut the Mulch, but Ive found it to be very flexible and help push through taunts/deal with their big tempo threats.
  8. So in Admassu round 4 feature, in game 3 he used Edea's banish effect twice in one turn. First he twin twisters Byung's anti spell and other set, adds back pantheism. Later in his turn he uses edios to bring it back, getting another edios form deck, he then tributes the edea and erebos for ether, and uses edea to add back a banished Tennacity. My friends mentioned he also tried to XYZ summon right after activating stormforth.
  9. Also if anyone has good eyes, pictures from round 1, you can make out what some people are playing: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=24745 I think theres at least 1 Monarch Deck, a few pendulum and Blue Eyes decks.
  10. Hiyama Shunsuke (JP) - Blue-Eyes vs Samir Bachar (EU-France) - Madolche - with Samir winning 2:1
  11. Suicide Squad

    I enjoyed the film, though did notice it had some issues. If the list of stuff cut is true, it's kinda of disappointing, as I feel they may have helped a bit. Also unsure on Leto's joker, would have liked to see more to get a better opinion of him.
  12. European WCQ (Euros) 2016

    Normally you can ask a judge and they will give you a translation for it, though in a lot of cases people either side may help. Regarding your question about the tournament hall, this was just the dueling place, the trading area you could have your bags in. However this may have been due to the venue layout, so may differ for euros. Also at Prague the bags where checked when you entered the entrance to the venue and then you put them in a cloakroom, I assume they would discard Alcohol and this in that nature. I'd recommend trying to get a clear backbag/drawstring bag beforehand, just saves a lot of hassle. (Also if you stock up on some you can make some side profit )
  13. European WCQ (Euros) 2016

    I'm with a bunch of UK people about 30min walk away form venue or 12min by tram, some of us getting there Thursday, I'm arriving Friday.
  14. Pretty shitty to wake up to, voted remain myself. What was interesting was the voter age groups broken down with the younger generations voting to remain and the older generations voting to leave (percent wise). Also looks like we'll lose Ireland and Scotland, seeing as they both voted stay, and will be wanting independence votes.