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  1. Current Orcust Build (This one is for real)

    I am back on here and see lavaman is too. Oh god I miss this place.
  2. This Forum sucks bye

  3. Philosophy in your life

    I truly feel like I am both a Happy and a Christian Existentialist because I feel like freedom is import to love and live your live to the fullest and to derive all the happiness from it and that includes, for me, the freedom to have faith in a higher being. My happiness is to have a relationship with God but also understand that others have not found that yet and that they live their lives and eventually reach that state. Also that all people are blank slates and can become ultimately evil or good, and that it is the influences around them both higher and man that form their moral compass. I am a mess in my personal philosophy.
  4. PokingHerStars

    The monster/spell/trap line up looks pleasing, now I know extra deck space is tight but no Infinity set up?
  5. Kozmo - Discussion

    I picked up the deck for 3 structure decks and 2/2 Luster and Ignister as my team already has a pepe deck but no Kozmo. So as of today I am joining in the discussion. I'll post my build tomorrow with my theory in card choices and move from there.
  6. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    My thoughts in testing,   Pendulum Call, I still play because I find myself making an easy Moonlit/Clearwing by discarding Noble and pendulum summoning Odd-Eyes and friends. Even Meteor to make a Ebon Magician play or Rebellion OTK. There are so many things it answers and it's free if you have an Oafdragon or Noble Dragon. I have had nothing but good times playing it at 3. I have been biased to it as well because it drops Avian t1 if I see both. I am wanting to cut Avian so I may bump Call down and Summoner's Art up.   I do like 3/1/1 of Juggler/Hat/Clown because of the response to Wavering as well as to bait back row with Crobat + Tricker before a big Pendulum push. Clown can become the free discard for Call as well and provide an extra body. As well a good component in making Alchemist Magician turn 1 for a set Wavering. Not to mention Castel/Dire for removal with a floating Clown.   Kirin is becoming a lot more versatile and deserves a spot over Avian any day. You guys turned me off on the idea of Avian and more onto better deck building for this deck. I will say thank you for this.   I do have a regional Dec. 5th and I would love to share my results with you guys on how I did.    Cute plays and interactions I've seen in 25+ games this week.   Utopia Beyond + Rune Eyes = 9k damage potentially  Xiangke + Red Eyes Flare + Odd Eyes = 9k damage potentially  Utopia Beyond + Odd Eyes = 5k damage Absolute Dragon + Sky Arc/Eccentrick = Odd Eyes + Vortex going into their turn (net a Odd Eyes Fusion or Dragon with Arc) Crobat + Insight = Alchemist Magician + set Wavering Eyes   Now I may be late to the party on those but that is just in case anyone missed those plays.
  7. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    So far I've been thinking 2/2 on Avian and Unicorn.   3 Oafdragon 2 Unicorn   Easy Utopia Beyond access.   That being said here is my list,   2 Apex Avian 2 Majespecter Unicorn 3 Insight Magician 3 Crobat Joker 3 Dragonpit 3 Oafdragon 2 Xiangeke 1 Dragonvein 1 Noble Dragon 3 Odd-Eyes 2 Eccentrick 25   3 Wavering Eyes 3 Pendulum Call 2 Odd Eyes Fusion 2 Sky Arc 1 Terraforming 11   2 Solemn Scolding 1 Solemn Warning 1 Vanity's Emptiness 4   The deck has only 2 non pendulum monsters in the main deck.
  8. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    Joining in, I've just recently picked up my 2 Eccentrick, 3 Avian, 2 Vortex, 2 Fusion and 2 Scolding.   I am ready lol
  9. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I've recently played Spark in my deck with the addition of Raiden now. The side plays 3/3 of Soul Drain/Iron Wall. Against RB I play 3 Wall, Inferoid 3 Wall, PsyFrame 3 Drain, Kozmo 3 Wall, Nekroz 2/2 Wall and Drain.   Siding becomes simplistic and you can protect your flood gate with Spark and have outs like Veiler/BTS/Winda (El set) to a possible Castel.    I have been open to testing a pure build, clown build and Hoban's build and all 3 play styles I enjoy but I am trying to refine one for after DOCS. Could we compete with Pendulums? Dropping Vortex and Avian on us for negation. I know we still have 2-3 weeks of regionals before any worries but I am tending to think past my Oct 24th regional.
  10. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I want to main deck 2/1/1 of the Clowns and side the 3rd Juggler. To stop OTK's from Qli and the search from Wavering. Noden will make Clown live more and you can always get access to your single copy with 3 Math/2 Juggler. Instant Fusion can serve as two uses, it + fusion = water card to lock Nekroz, it + Falco = Black Rose + Fusion Card which can be a possible OTK, and finally it in itself is an instant rank 4. Originally I wanted to play Felis to out a Unicore but siding in Dark Hole from the extra with my main decked Raigeki can serve wonders and isn't easily broken by effect negation. I originally tried to main deck Mistake but the game 1 against BA quickly changed my mind.    2 Juggler 1-2 Hat Tricker 1 Trick Clown   That being the Clown Engine, 2 Hat Trick if I end up playing Bulb for Beast/Trish.    2 Beast 2 Hedgehog 3 Falco 2-3 Squa 1 Dragon   3 Falco to keep field presence. This is the line-up I've preferred   3 Mathematician 1 Bulb 1 BLS 2-3 Veiler   Just your standard support cards in the monster line up.   That gives it 21-24 monsters. Now just 19-16 cards left to use.   6 Fusion 1 BoM 1 Foolish 1 Raigeki   The standard 9, I still play foolish because it can send an out to Skill Drain to the grave for game 1.   Now that's 30-33.   1 Core 1 Vanity 2 BTS   4 More   34-37.   Now it's the extra deck, that's hard to fit cards.   1 Trish 1 Beast 1 Star Eater 1 Black Rose 3 Construct 2 Shek 2 Winda 1 Water Shaddoll 2 Noden 1 Castel 1 Exciton 1 Dweller 1 Trapeze 1 Emeral   19, you have to cut 4.   What are people finding in their testing?
  11. Qliphort - Discussion

    After I made the post before work this morning I thought of that all day. Now thing is finding what 10-15 cards to transition out into a new variant. Stun to Variant.
  12. Qliphort - Discussion

    I am thinking of testing a build that is Towers Turbo G1 and sides into Tribute Stun g2 and 3. Stormforth/1 Tenacity/Majesty/Vanity. But the thing is that is already 9-10 cards and I would have to play real traps in the main w/ Tower Turbo components + Chicken Game.   This is interesting on paper but I am not sure of how it will play out. This is an option for Dallas. 
  13. Infernoid - Discussion

    I am having difficulty seeing 3/3/3 of Chicken/Pseudo/Terra along side 3/1 Reasoning/Gate and everything else.
  14. Infernoid - Discussion

    I feel like this deck is my solid pick for Dallas. Now after, it will be Majespecter.   Has anyone tested Magical Stone Excavation?
  15. Infernoid - Discussion

      I've been testing a few days and this is my new list. I am liking the way it plays. I do often make Felgrand/Red-Eyes/Michael/BRD. Other than that, Onucu and Dyvaty win the match with a Seer to protect the level 7-8 Infernoid.   New to the deck and I plan to extensively test some more, I honestly feel the deck has potential soon.