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  1. Pure Shaddolls

    Replace the Dark Hole and Raigeki post BOSH with the Kaiju spell and just play Dogoran and Gameciel or go all out and try to abuse Waterfront counters too?
  2. Noble Knight - Discussion

    Pretty sure Bros. is a staple at 3 now, he's the only way to break the normal summon barrier, Bros + Bedwyr = King w/ an equip of your choice, Bros + Bedwyr + Borz + Equip = all kinds of shenanigans and 2400 DEF is sorta real still. Bros & Bedwyr also allow you to get more value on your turn 2 after you Medraut into Borz and just sit on them instead of making R5 King. This deck is just super aggro now which is pretty cool but idk if 3 MST's is enough to get the job done; people say Trap Stun is too slow but I definitely prefer it over Lance because it doesn't turn my equips off in case I need to atk over something that turn. Do we just say YOLO and play Night Beam instead? (that card sucks going first obvi). Also thinking about dropping Vanity's to 2 or dropping it all together? (sucks to draw to an established board) and testing Mirror Force. All this deck needs is that extra turn of time to get a summon off but obviously you don't get that going second this format.
  3. Noble Knight - Discussion

    I fail to see how D.D. Crow becomes a "big side deck card" in the upcoming NECH meta, it doesn't do anything/enough. Your Gwen is more likely to be banished by a Virgil or spinned by PWWB/Raiza/Caius or just straight up MST'd. His point about the actual Arms spells cards being better combo starters also rings very true, ideally if your not Medraut combining Turn 1, I want a Borz with Excaliburn/Destiny + Gwen and backrows, not just Borz + Gwen. Peoples counter arguement to that last sentence usually is, "Oh well if I open Medraut + Gwen I'll just get Laundsalynn and tribute to search Destiny lol"... news flash, the majority of competitive players won't/don't play a card that's a brick in their hand 99% of the time just for these obscure scenarios: Laundsalynn, Eachtar, Gwal, Gawayn, Bedwyr, Table, Lady, Brothers all have their flaws, I feel like these things are obvious but people insist on playing these cards in conjunction with each other to justify some sort of "player preference" or "originality". We should be focusing on streamlining card choices to make the deck as consistent as possible and get to our win conditions (King plays, Borz tanking) and ways to out the cards that blow us out, mainly Stormforth coming out the side deck and Sanctum/Moraltech (Mask of Restrict/Forbidden Chalice). I agree with Buttonmasher on Gwalchavad for all the reasons stated, I don't know what irked you about his post so much Ambrengalle to call it shit but he DID list the pros and cons of the card in his post. It's a straight brick vs BA cause PWWB/Karma Cut are cards making it that much harder for a normal summon to stick and your monster isn't guranteed to hit the grave. Last point, when you take out the unecessary cards, you actually have ALOT of room to play traps in this deck IMO, outside of the semi staple 3 Trap Stun, 3 Emptiness. I think Cards like Space Time, Solemn Advice, Wiretap, Breakthrough Skill, even main decked Chalice all deserve a look. Not trying to offend anyone with that second paragraph, but I have high hopes for this deck and to see its potential optimized going into YCS Anaheim instead of going back and forth with the "lol DGZ vs Pojo" B.S.
  4. Still questing for glory.

    Was it you Grim who was an advocate for playing 3 Excaliburn in the past? I'd think this would be the format to extensively test that vs Burning Abyss, Borz with Excaliburn + Gwen has been testing well for me. Also thoughts on MST? I play Lance over them.
  5. Still questing for glory.

    I see no harm in talking about the deck in the context of the NECH meta because that's the format it becomes legal in, we know what Merlin & Last Chapter do, and I think the theory-oh discussion helps people like myself who are taking this deck to Anaheim lol I think you're overstating the effectiveness of Solemn Advice, but I do think it's a 2 of because it's another card that helps you establish your normal summon/King play + holding it and playing it like Solemn Judgment. Is there some mind blowing interactions I'm missing with Brothers here? The only Knights I play besides Medraut and Borz are lone copies of Drystan (your out in the mirror) and Gawayn (ROTA combos) Idk how to feel about even playing Last Chapter. It makes your good hands auto wins (but they already are because Merlin/Medraut + equip is game outside of the counter nuts) and your bad hands worse. Also BA is clearly the best deck and PWWB/Karma on your normal summon/equip attempt makes the card cry. I think there's room for more defensive traps in those spots?
  6. Still questing for glory.

    Do you find Arfeudutyr that critical to be running more than 1 in the NECH meta? Everything in BA is chainable and sets you back a ton (assuming your going second) and nothing else plays "real" backrows besides Nutella, the only application I see to playing it over something like Forbidden Lance is the Trap Stun + Arfeudutyr blowouts?
  7. Primal Origin (808)

    The GB Fusion is in between Sanctum and Oreia right?
  8. Ycs Las Vegas April 11-13

    Highlights of the weekend: 1) Brandon resolving two savage Cyber Jars vs Denny in Finals. 2) Being in the backseat while Boyajian and Brandon sang and danced to Katy Perry lol
  9. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    How do you guys even side deck in and out with the Reckless Greed build. I feel constricted so much to not take out the Upstarts or Reckless's G2/3 (maybe my side deck philosophy in question is bad?)
  10. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    Why side LIM when we already max on Drain? 2-3 Messenger are definitely staple in the side but those last two slots should be cards to actually draw into with "C" (Crow, Scarecrow, Rainbow Kuroboh, etc).
  11. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    With the inclusion of 2-3 Dragoncarnation is the general consensus now to run only 1 of each Mythic Dragon since you can eventually get them back if your initial Felgrand push doesn't stick?
  12. mpb kept simple

    Dbl post.
  13. mpb kept simple

    What do think about the idea of Waboku in this deck? It'd help get to that ideal scenario in theory.
  14. mpb kept simple

      I guess I kinda wanna get a discussion going on this card in general. I think the card is one of the real selling points for even wanting to play the deck in general, if it goes off barring the random Maxx "C" you usually win, I'm running 3 Hamstrat rn to support it and it's working pretty well. I know some of the cards really suck to draw like Harrliard/Coltwing at times but at least a Harrliard + Raptor in hand becomes a Draco + a search if it goes through.   Also, you're playing Warbluran but no Concoruda, I really like that card as well.   I really want a TCG Exclusive Level 5 synchro for this deck so badly.  :(
  15. Frank and Sons 1k, March 8th

    Paul Abdelsayed was the Cyber Dragon player, he lost in time to Ed A. in Top 8  :(