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  1. kyrie for isiah thomas + a player and a draft pick makes sense to me
  2. cavs should trade lebron but they wont
  3. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are PERFECT albums. Not one song on there I skip. Still torn up about this
  4. Tyranno vote yourself and save us the trouble
  5. is there even a point to this day phase anymore? floaters gonna float lynchers gonna lynch
  6. On Chris Cornells birthday too this one really stings
  7. nice meme
  8. LMAO, I'll take my chances on a neutral helping town win You jailed the bulletproof and haven't been able to get another jail off since. You also haven't been nked for being jailor SEE WHY THIS IS A PROBLEM
  9. Hey nelrick it looks like you were going for the tie yesterday while trying to be in the right side of the lynch Underwood is killing scum. Game would REALLY be bastard if he kills scum all game then steals win for killing scum
  10. Your posts today, mainly advocating killing a likely neutral before a confirmed scum also, you claimed jailor and jailed me N1 LOL,"roleblocked and failed", see why this is a problem?
  11. nelrick shut up man if it's lylo we kill him no world we are killing him before soph or tyranno after them you are next. sorry man
  12. nice meme
  13. Tyranno Soph Nelrick gg no re
  14. what the actual fuck
  15. Yeah I think Nelrick is lying (in what world am I fucking jailed N1) There was never a jailor to counter-claim to begin with