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  1. i still like gemstone for town
  2. rei jazz lfn cunning kill list in that order
  3. markus I think you're either town or neutral, you said jazz was confirmed town earlier in the game so I still take that at face value unless something has changed?
  4. wheres that post jazz made about killing rei by day 4
  5. vote rei
  6. unvote vote mark
  7. ..... jazz are you really getting triggered by negs of all things
  8. thx for the votes scum in all seriousness though francis thought he had me pocketed so it made sense for them to vote me
  9. didnt silver call you scum multiple times iirc jazz?
  10. jazz looks worse and worse every day but we can take markus's claim fwiw for a little while rei is still alive Mark is scum or town LVP. floaters we need more from/need to be dealt with LFN Wunder Cunning Digbick any other random floater Im missing
  11. Also the more I read back and think about it the more and more I like Gemstone for town
  12. vote LFN
  13. cant wait to go balls deep on lfn tomorrow
  14. Brevity is the soul of wit
  15. someone pointed out earlier that yesterday he was playing a game of survival rather than trying to help or being his usualy townie shitposting self (he did that for a little bit) Also worth nothing rei half-ass defended him