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  1. Francis is scum guys. Does same exact shit as scum every game
  2. can someone vig underwood please
  3. unvote markus vote underwood
  4. "hey guys, I always play like this its my playstyle no worries lol"
  5. hol' up, i would actually LOVE for Markus to die, but you didn't give any reasoning for your read so I assumed you were joking like town always does on day 1 page 1-2. Now that you have provided the substance, I can agree that your reasoning is legitimate. Markus is playing pretty off I just couldn't put my finger on it
  6. rei claims vanilla town super early, tyranno votes him and leaves. Interesting interaction but can someone explain to me how rei benefits from a town perspective? Malcolm possibly moans about role and joke votes markus > I'll take the day 1 activity
  7. Soph feelin up the game, rightly pressures sage for info hunting Mark calls out soph for this and throws a vote, then is immediately wagoned by sage Soph peaces out. ----------------------- Both soph's and sages play and reactions fucking suck but it's a little too soon to be calling one or the other scum. @mark im not sure soph was confident sage was scum as it was so much a pressure vote to see reaction
  8. Getting off work and driving home, trying to be a better person so catching up in a bit.
  9. Markus you continue to be a useless detriment to whatever faction you are a part of.
  10. https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/MQE6uLtw2AWY3
  11. i was vanilla scum puff