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  1. whats the latest sunday night everyone can do it?
  2. I work friday, saturday, and sunday night. Completely off on Monday. Majority rules though, I'm not above having someone draft for me I guess
  3. because they gave primape an evo
  4. i thought the designs for pokemon were pretty good compared to some shit weve gotten
  5. plenty of places to download it but yeah fwiw the game is pretty fucking great
  7. Also, I have a friend that spoofs and seeing his pokedex sapped the fun out of it for me - the fact that people cheat and hack is lame
  8. I got to lvl 20 and stopped playing ... Easy to get burned out on - there's only 1 place in my city where good shit spawns and I always miss the Charizard - Dragonite spottings
  9. Hey I'm down for whatever league and whatever entry fee
  10. damn had no idea this had started
  11. in
  12. just became available for ios
  13. Anyone have this yet?
  14. lol @ complaining about travel distance
  15. ^lol at above post cleganebowl fucking unconfirmed