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  1. aj green?
  2. homerism to the extreme
  3. worst week of fantasy for me and i think referring to people as burn victims is fucking hillarious
  4. I wouldn't, your players are superior.
  5. favorite villain from this universe is killgrave
  6. yeah trumps done at least internet gets "grab em by the pussy"
  7. Rb1 with a decent wr2 or wr1 with a useable rb2 . I was offered deandre hopkins straight up - no way landry and lamar miller for mccoy and oddell which was a little tempting, but i think i slightly lose that trade Joe offered demarco straight up which is fair but id like a wr replacement and i dont see him parting with his good ones without me giving up more francis just offered mike evans and carlos hyde which im probably going to take
  8. Joe that was a very interesting trade offer - i stared at my phone for about 30mins but couldnt convince myself to pull the trigger..
  9. Odell up for trade
  10. whats wrong with the changes? (yogg was odd)
  11. I need a better rb2, rip woodhead my team brees odell jordy crabtree mccoy matt jones jordan reed willie snead justin tucker pats d phillip rivers mike wallace eric ebron
  12. I love John Oliver
  13. looks like i eat my words lol
  14. d thomas and sanders are going to continue to suck in fantasy as long as simeian is quarterbacking You can make the argument for volume I guess but CJ is the key cog here that being said quincy is a decent start in this situation unless you buy into kubiak feeding dt more for bitching the other week
  15. I mean in regards to fantasy he basically traded jamal charles for david johnson Doug Baldwin has potential but you still have rawls, graham, lockkett, kearse all there not to mention seattles offense looks like shit. Spencer Ware prob won't do much either