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  1. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I mean that'd be nice Klevis- but your idea of an opinion is "Look how edgy I am not playing Sanctum. Look ma no hands!" There are wrong opinions; there are illogical arguments ("Sanctum is a trap so it's not a combo piece". When the the truth has much more texture: sometimes it's a combo piece, sometimes it's a trap, sometimes it sucks because they have Emptiness, but it's certainly a combo piece a significant amount of the time).   Like we've seen it from your 3 Poly build pre-NECH and now no-Sanctum Artifacts, that you're trying to push the boundaries, and that in and of itself is something we all need to do as players and a noble act; but sometimes you've gotta stop and go "I'm playing a Shaddoll Artifact deck without Sanctum." and really examine why it is that you're doing that; not just "It's a trap" but like "Is it being a trap a problem", "Do I actually need some number of defensive traps in my combo deck" etc Reinventing the wheel for no good reason (though I suspect there is a reason you're doing it, but that's irrelevant to the topic at hand) is as fruitless an endeavour in ygo as it is in reality. Also I don't know if you're aware; but I'll go on a limb here and say that at least a coinflip of the DGz population followed the OCG metagame pre-Necloth, so it's naive to assume people aren't aware of Kristya and referring to it as a 'huge bone' is just another tick in the endless column of "reasons that Klevis thinks he is a better player than he actually is". In actual Shaddoll discussion; Chaos build has been testing better- Artifacts and playing to the board without totally dominating it feels good g1 but post-side Fiends and Stormforth make that a challenging proposition, and the Artifacts requiring your hand to be at a baseline level (barring Sanctum which can sometimes dig out of mediocre hands due to the virtue of being a tempo-positive trap when resolved).
  2. Shaddoll - Discussion

    According to the ARG decklists there was a single copy of Towers in Courtney Waller's side. I think it's safe to say that Towers isn't anywhere near the menace it was hyped to be. I think the majority of players had already arrived at that conclusion though.
  3. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I mean how hard is it to just come out and say "I don't like this deck as much as Qliphort" rather than trying to make up awful "explanations" to mask your inability to be objective about something. It's fine for that to be your opinion, but don't try and pass it off as some kind of universal truth using a ton of hyperbole and one-sided situations. "I have both of my pendulum scales up and a sideboard trap. You have nothing to interact with me." is just not a relevant scenario- outside of very specific instances, if Qlip has Scout online for more than 1-2 turns you're probably too dead for a 'grave control' sideboard slot to matter.
  4. Shaddoll - Discussion

    3x Dragon certainly has merits- though here are the reasons that come to mind to keep it at 2: 1. It simplifies the board-state which reduces your OTK potential as you sink cards into the 'pit' that is a Shaddoll Fusion monster. 2. It interacts poorly with current trap lineups when used as a fusion material barring end-phase El-Shaddoll Fusions. 3. It isn't a 'hard' out to Vanity's Fiend like Squamata is, to compare the two; which appears extremely important given that Vanity's Fiend started showing up in Burning Abyss maindecks- showing just how ubiquitous it was a sided card. 4. It's a normal summon that doesn't generate passive advantage- it doesn't generate any at all in 99% of cases. 5. The 1900 body only really shines in the mirror; Scarm and Rubic both walling it in BA, and Qlip virtually not caring about vanilla beaters- and even in the mirror, that body is only relevant provided you can keep Moralltachs or Beasts off their side of the field- else you're taking a hard -1. 6. In the mirror match bouncing can be game-breaking; but nearly any effect can be game-breaking in specific situations, and it's not too often that you'll 'get' somebody with Dragon given the pacing of Shaddoll mirrors. Even saying all of that- I still would never play less than 2, unless Qliphort were to simply not exist- because it's alarmingly common for gamestates to occur, especially going second, where having access to 2 Dragons is extremely important to winning that match-up, nevermind 2 Dragons occasionally coming up via end-phase snipe + Math summon to out Emptiness or what have you. I think playing more Hedgehog has more merit- and I'm not even sold on that; it could very well be something that sounds better in theory than in practice.
  5. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Time-Space seems a lot better in theory than it plays in reality- it's not particularly common for Clifford's to be Pendulum Summoning until they've first established board control via un-checked Tool activations, due to their low monster count relative to the amount of Tools enablers.   Maxx "C" is another main-able earth, though it's of questionable merit if Clifford is particularly popular.
  6. So this came up today in a FB group I'm in- and wanted to raise awareness/get a definite answer on this. So the conjecture was that if you flip summon a Shaddoll monster, even though the effect text reads "You may"- the activation of the effect itself is mandatory by virtue of being a flip effect, which restricts your ability to use that same named Shaddoll's effect(s) for the rest of the turn. This seemed off to me, but I figured maybe it was an obscure corner-case that people didn't encounter, or that people were just playing the cards as they read and missing this finer point? For what it's worth as an Aussie we fall under European rulings, but I cannot see this causing division on this ruling- since the core difference (effects being able to activate in zones they don't trigger in) isn't applicable to this.  
  7. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    I mean it does- you just might end up playing a 60 card deck.   edit: maybe something like this sick filth http://i.imgur.com/z5NCXFC.png
  8. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    Instant Fusion has merits- but when you only have 40 (37) cards to work with- you want to be playing cards that are the best at the things they do. Instant Fusion gives you Panzer Dragon; a 1-1 removal spell or a light monster or a way to make level 7 synchros in conjunction with Falco. Worth mention is that it's not a light in your deck, so you still need to keep some baseline amount of lights in your deck for summoning Neph via free Shaddoll Fusions. I mean at this point aren't you just playing a bad Artifact Sanctum?
  9. Lightsworn - Discussion

    I guess we're using linear in different ways then- I'm stating this deck has very few points where you have valid plays that aren't immediately obvious- hence the linearity. If there's another term for this then I was certainly using the wrong term.
  10. Lightsworn - Discussion

    Exactly? But you're stating the obvious; you can play both linear and non-linear decks on autopilot, and it's wrong in both cases- playing on autopilot is. But that doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of the plays in this deck are immediately obvious because any differing play is recognisably suboptimal; there are game-changing decisions that can be made, but they're definitely corner-cases to the majority of the deck's play.
  11. Lightsworn - Discussion

    What decision-making does this deck actually contain? It's just "Pair your draw cards off and hope for the best, play out your normal summons that achieve anything, be mindful of your discards to Solar and hope you get there by dropping a pile of boss monsters." Like if you're looking at a hand of Solar, Garoth, Eclipse, Blaster, JD, Soul Charge, and you set the Garoth and Solar and pass, sure you made an (awful) decision, but that's the kind of play that you shouldn't even be thinking about because it's so mind-numbingly awful.   That doesn't mean the deck is bad; there have been plenty of linear decks that defined metagames, but it does mean that the lack of relevant decisions will lead to a lot of bad or average players to play this deck, and for the good players who do, to be victims entirely of their opening 6 with little recourse.
  12. Lightsworn - Discussion

    This deck just has so many crippling flaws that outside of the "I opened the nuts" scenarios it just feels so underwhelming; the amount of time you spend with bricks in your hand is just absurd.   I'll never give up on the dream because big papa JD is too real. Besides, people will play this even if it's not good because it's super linear and prone to 'I win" hands.
  13. XO and we overdosed tho

    But you'd thought about it ofc Boey- it's ok we're all friends here.
  14. Wiretap

    Glad they removed the "Shuffle it into their deck face up and they cannot activate cards with the same name until they draw it" bit; disregarding the random variance +1/+2 it could give it was a logistical nightmare.
  15. I personally either make sure I sleep well, or get little to no sleep at all; the worst is getting like 4-6 hrs and still being tired.