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  1. Tallahassee

    Yay my own troll thread :D <3
  2. Hoban SMASH'D :D

    Awww Endless you sound butthurt that a girl is smarter than you, too bad idrc about trolling
  3. The Alcoholism Thread

    Alcoholics like me are :D
  4. ZOMG

    My warn status is at max!!! YAY! :D FREE BEER FOR EVERYONE IN THIS TOPIC.
  5. Hoban SMASH'D :D

    the smash'd is on page 1 :D
  6. Hoban SMASH'D :D

    ohai der fat pubean how r u? still mad?
  7. Hoban SMASH'D :D

    ya bro he rly mad man. idk why...
  8. Hoban SMASH'D :D

    u look smashd bro ShadowMan724 11:48 pm lol wellllllllll you seem bored with me now after such a great conversation ShadowMan724 11:49 pm not even a reply? Courtney Hotz 11:53 pm poop umad? mad? huh? sad? usad? umad? Courtney Hotz 11:55 pm uannoyed yet? ya? u r? r u? rly? umad? umad bro? oh ya umad yeah umad bro u really mad bro. wanna block me? umad? yeah umad hemad he rly mad wow hemad lol look at him hemad umad? umad? yeah umad umad? umad bro? admit umad. we kno umad u super mad. raging bro? mad? sad? pissed? upissed? ya upissed? upissed urself? obv cuz umad ya umad very mad too mad so mad upissed urself. zomg umad ya umad :3 Courtney Hotz 11:58 pm not even a reply? You are about to be rate limited. Please wait a few seconds before sending, to avoid being rate limited 11:59 pm You are no longer rate limited, and you may now send messages. 11:59 pm Courtney Hotz 12:00 am look at teh baby hepissed himself so hecan't talk. You are about to be rate limited. Please wait a few seconds before sending, to avoid being rate limited 12:00 am You are no longer rate limited, and you may now send messages. 12:00 am ShadowMan724 12:02 am damn that woulda been annoying if i werne't afk Courtney Hotz 12:02 am umad? oh man hemad u changed pants? ShadowMan724 12:03 am oh boy Courtney Hotz 12:03 am upissed? upissed ur pants bro? ya? uchanged yet? uannoyed yet? umad? rofl umad? yeah umad hemad lol hemad ShadowMan724 12:03 am umad Courtney Hotz 12:03 am gonna block me? mad? usad? upissed? umad? yeah? u r? r u? rly? serious? umad? rly? mad? like mad? angry mad? rly mad? yea? ok cool umad lol ShadowMan724 12:03 am so mad Courtney Hotz 12:03 am wow umad u so mad ya i see umad very mad ShadowMan724 12:04 am mad at u Courtney Hotz 12:04 am super mad upissed? upissed yet? troll me moar? umad? ya mad? ShadowMan724 12:04 am BITCH SLUT NIGGER CUNT SLUT FUCKER SHIT CUNT Courtney Hotz 12:04 am yeah umud ur mud see ShadowMan724 12:04 am not mad anymore =] Courtney Hotz 12:04 am ur mud. umud? mad? umud? mud? ShadowMan724 12:04 am happy as ever Courtney Hotz 12:04 am umud? ShadowMan724 12:04 am =] =] ShadowMan724 12:04 am =] Courtney Hotz 12:04 am ur a pile of mud? ShadowMan724 12:04 am =] =] Courtney Hotz 12:04 am mud? ShadowMan724 12:04 am =] =] =] =] Courtney Hotz 12:04 am mad? ShadowMan724 12:04 am =] =] Courtney Hotz 12:04 am wow mad spam ShadowMan724 12:04 am =]\ Courtney Hotz 12:04 am umad? bro umad? ya umad look at u umad u spam me like a mad man u mad man rly mad seriously u so mad bro get help umad? umad? ya umad rofl gone yet? gave up? umad? mad? spammed? mad? upissed? annoyedyet? ya? r u? rly? cool. cool bro cool ucool nah u ugly fat hoban fat puban you have pubes? fat puban? umad? umad bro? umad? cuz ufat? ufat? ya fat ShadowMan724 12:06 am THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL Courtney Hotz 12:06 am ya ur fat ufat? ShadowMan724 12:06 am QQ QQ QQ Courtney Hotz 12:06 am fat? ufat? poorfat puban? umad? ShadowMan724 12:06 am don zaloog > vagina? what Courtney Hotz 12:06 am cuz ufat? ur fat? very fat? u have pimples? pizza face? mad? umad? yeah pizzaa face. Courtney Hotz 12:06 am umad? umad pizface? hey pizzface ShadowMan724 12:06 am popopppopoipopop Courtney Hotz 12:06 am umad? ShadowMan724 12:06 am ijiioniad idjpioajiq Courtney Hotz 12:06 am yo ShadowMan724 12:06 am eiojapodkvciod iuonaiopjksoia Courtney Hotz 12:06 am umad pizzfac? ShadowMan724 12:06 am qioejkf sanma, dsjpdiofjoadisjfk brb don't go away ShadowMan724 is offline 12:07 am IMs are delivered when the buddy signs in. Send ShadowMan724 a text message I think hemad bro.
  9. Hoban SMASH'D :D

    <3 that one luppi
  10. Hoban SMASH'D :D

    Umad bro?
  11. Hoban SMASH'D :D

    ShadowMan724 11:35 pm hey i have an idea Courtney Hotz 11:36 pm sex? ShadowMan724 11:36 pm let's be best friends good guess Courtney Hotz 11:36 pm sex. ShadowMan724 11:36 pm no thanks, might ruin our friendship Courtney Hotz 11:36 pm Ship's our friend now? who's ship tho? ShadowMan724 11:37 pm so wanna be best friends ShadowMan724 11:37 pm we could go to the nail salon together manny peddies Courtney Hotz 11:37 pm Only if i can eat you after sex. ShadowMan724 11:37 pm i don' tthink that's healthy courtney you should probably get that looked at i'm not doctor, but i think they'll perscribe a daily dose of sex with a side of umad Courtney Hotz 11:38 pm what you mean those zits in your pizza face? ShadowMan724 11:38 pm nah the ones on your penis i'm sorry courtney, i didn't mean that Courtney Hotz 11:38 pm what's a penis? ShadowMan724 11:38 pm i take it back i don't wanna currupt you Courtney Hotz 11:38 pm no i want it. you gave it to me ShadowMan724 11:38 pm just think of it as a bot Courtney Hotz 11:38 pm finders keepers! now you're dickless. :-D ShadowMan724 11:39 pm welp Courtney Hotz 11:39 pm hey can i put this new penis i got from a fat fuck up your ass? ShadowMan724 11:40 pm umad? Courtney Hotz 11:40 pm no mad is prolly over there, I'm sad. ShadowMan724 11:40 pm sad about what Courtney Hotz 11:40 pm huh what do you mean? ShadowMan724 11:41 pm why are you sad Courtney Hotz 11:41 pm I'm not sad. ShadowMan724 11:41 pm oh that's good Courtney Hotz 11:41 pm what's a good? did you mean food? so your liver is food right? can i eat it? :3 ShadowMan724 11:42 pm after sex Courtney Hotz 11:42 pm who's sex? I have to share it with sex? ShadowMan724 11:42 pm he's penis' friend nah all yours Courtney Hotz 11:42 pm so i can keep the liver and leave this penis you gave me up your ass right? ShadowMan724 11:43 pm damn you're mean Courtney Hotz 11:43 pm no I'm courtney i didn't see mean yet. he your boyfriend? ^hegot trolled. Umad bro?
  12. Dramatic moments in YGO history

    I lol at twitter neg repping me cuz i posted the loss of his team vs mine here lol
  13. The Alcoholism Thread

    ALCOHOLISM IS A BLESSING <3<3<3<3 alcohol Rhum Navy Lambs 75.4% <3<3<3<3 Being drunk all day everyday yay yay yay yeah! Gotta love alcohol. Yes I'm a real alcoholic ^^
  14. trollface.dek

    Ever considered trying Worm Linx and Des Lacooda?
  15. What was the last film you watched?

    The sorcerors Apprentice, but it was gay lol