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  1. agreed.  that was a nice little touch that they totally didn't have to do but did anyway.  hell the whole opening is kinda like that with the song choice being 10 years old but fitting the anime perfectly.  people have said that the ending is slightly different from the novels/manga but it was still a very good ending.  I'm going to read it now as well. Still 10/10 for me
  2. This will either be the embodiment of greatness or a gigantic let down.  Production IG please don't fuck this up.
  3. why you do this erased.  gotta rip out my heart like that.
  4. Just watched first 3 eps of Erased.  So good.
  5. the wait is killing me...
  6. when does gintama start getting good?  I watched the first few eps and did not care for it
  7. not sure if setting bait or actually serious
  8. One Punch, the new Gundam and Gochiusa S2 are my favorites of the season.
  9. shaft pls don't make us wait any longer qq
  10. This is spot on haha
  11. I don't even like Gundam that much but Iron-Blooded Orphans has really impressed me.  Finally a Gundam that doesn't have whiny bitchy pussy's for main characters.
  12. Log Horizon isn't that great, it's the definition of a decently ok anime but it's STILL better than the mess that is Sword Art Online.
  13. Monster Musume best anime of season discuss.
  14. The duel with old guy and Yuzu was pretty damn good actually.  Other than that it's been kinda boring for a while.  5k Atk sync with unlimited solemn judgment eff.  Damn Konami is savage.
  15. If my opponent attempts to enter their battle phase and I activate the effect of Blaze at the end of their MP1 to send scattershots can they 1) even enter the battle phase if they have no monsters 2) does it stay the MP1 or because they declared they were entering BP that once the effect resolves they have to proceed to BP and/or MP2.