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  1. share some muzik.

    yeah gaahl is a crazy fucker. he was put in jail for 9 months for torturing a man. he cut him up and shit, and drained his blood into a cup then tried to force him to drink it.
  2. share some muzik.

    i checked out darkthrone and they're pretty good. it helped me find emporer, entombed, ancient, and numerous other decent bands. thanks for the suggestions guys. and btw, black metal is not gay. and even if it was, it's only because most black metal is anti christian, and being gay is about as anti christian as you can get
  3. share some muzik.

    thanks for the bands guys. denis...my beard is not a pussy beard..at least i have one btw, anyone know any good black metal bands?
  4. share some muzik.

    heres a list of bands i enjoy. dont hate, just recommend. neurosis, isis, giant squid, the ocean, opeth, tool, mastodon, baroness, dethklok, job for a cowboy, in flames, and ahab. thank you in advance!
  5. hey

    hey. im denis' friend max. we both have beards. i dont know he told me to say that. i like music. i will probably only use this site to share music. i will post a topic in the music place later. umm...peace