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  1. HEX MMO Trading Card Game

    played it a decent amount. Going through the story mode as a necrotic cleric to grind cards but I also think its a solid mode. Game is fun though it gives me the 'mtg' feel far more than anything else ive play, def can see how the legal issues happened.
  2. HEX MMO Trading Card Game

    game appears to be on steam now. downloaded and will give it a fair go later.
  3. I Am
  4. My hero academia

    iirc exiled made a thread about this ages ago and thats what got me started. Enjoy the series, really forward to the new chapter each week. ps. all might has the best faces
  5. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    went orc hunter cuz me smart
  6. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

    didnt fuse the two black megas 0/10
  7. I've been banned

    its high likely that this is the real deal - what are the odds there are more than one person having the audacity to claim to be bigger than ebay
  8. New Digimon Adventure Series
  9. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Why?   why not
  10. Oath Of Gatewatch Spoilers!

      ye, i have my eye on it.  
  11. Hajime No Ippo

    possibly my faovurite hajime no ippo chapter of all time (until it gets nerfed)
  12. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    mmm its ok, I'd rate it 2/3      +5 heartharena overlay
  13. Oath Of Gatewatch Spoilers!

      it does, just one point at a time
  14. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

      solid turn 2 arena board