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  1. Mine is called butts
  2. They're always like 'I wish I was younger so I could do it' or saying how they wish they could pull it off and I'm just like you can, you just do it and you're pulling it off and they're just so negative about it. Like come on you can do what you want if people don't like it fuck them. You're old why do you care what people think? There's this old lady that comes in with pink hair and I love her so much. She always wears pink and she can't drive anymore but makes her husband drive her pink car just because she loves it and it makes me so happy, I hope I'm still carefree about stuff like that when I'm old. I don't wanna get old and bitter like so many people do
  3. I really wish old people would stop asking if my hair is sprayed and washes out. Obviously I spray my hair every day with stupid colours just to please you. They're super obsessed with it washing out like I couldn't possibly want it stupid coloured all the time?
  4. Also there's a new boy stealing my heart and he's great but he's away until I don't know when and we can't talk and I miss him
  5. Booked my hotel and train for comic con next month so that should be fun. It's super humid out today. It's gross, like it's not even hot out but ugh I wanna die
  6. That is me everyday Happy birthday
  7. How did I not realise hotels were so expensive?!
  8. i don't think it's a tongue twister
  9. My mum put a bandage on my wrist because it was swollen and told me I wasn't allowed to play any games. What a bitch.
  10. Those poor people consumed by twilight :(