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  1. Chum

    looks right except the 1 unlimited factory
  2. Madison,WI Yugioh Regionals

    I'll be there
  3. Infernity - Discussion

    I will probably only play 2 Guides. But still it helps enormously being able to act as another Foolish Burial for Necromancer, or a Veiler magnet
  4. Generation Force: Infernity

    Theres no room for it,. And I dont wanna add any more monsters really.
  5. Greatest yugioh game ever

    The Dragon Dwelling In The Vagina
  6. Falcontrol.

    What do you think about Vanity's Emptiness in here instead of Oppression?
  7. Greatest yugioh game ever

    The All-Seeing White Penis.
  8. Greatest yugioh game ever

    I Lol'd.
  9. Generation Force: Infernity

    What should I cut for it? I was thinking maybe an Armageddon Knight or a Tour Guide. I also want to fit another Dust Tornado in the maindeck without going over 40 cards.
  10. Greatest yugioh game ever

    The Hunter With 7 Penises.
  11. Greatest yugioh game ever

    Bazoo the Penis Eater
  12. Gladiator Beasts - Discussion

    not sure if serious
  13. Generation Force: Infernity

    More fixes?
  14. Greatest yugioh game ever

    Cock Diesel Doom Dragon.
  15. Greatest yugioh game ever

    Harpie's Pet Baby Penis.