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  1. Happy Birthday bro!

  2. Week 4 LOL

  3. One Piece

    you do know there are different directors for each one piece episode right? from what I hear the quality of an episode is dependent on who's behind the camera. Remember the episode where they said their goodbyes to Merry? The dude did movie 7 which is pretty good anyways who's doing this war is not so good (I did enjoy the smoker/luffy fight tho) Absolutely. There are directors per episode as there are different animators too. Man, I cannot imagine animating shows like these, seriously (which is why animating anime shows like One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, etc aren't really worth it - almost). Imagine trying to animate Crocodile (that means drawing -all- details, which is his trenchcoat, cigar, hair, eyes, etc) which means drawing 25+ of him from different directions to get 1 motion that's only seconds long IF you're looking for quality animation that is. That's why limited animation is implemented - to make things easier and saves time. The problem is that I'm not really sure if limited animation works for shows like these considering that the point of animation is pure movement which is easily the best part of watching cartoons of any kind. It must be torture to animate guys like Ichigo, Luffy, Crocodile, Enel, etc, etc. However, the most effective way to animate these from what I'm aware of is doing VERY loose drawings with some/little detail like the ones you see in Digimon the Movie, the Girl who lept through time, etc, etc. That's the best method of animating these kinda things I've ever seen. And I wish there are more of these but it's pricey. Anyways, animation aside, I think it's also on the directors for quality as well. I'll agree with that. I wish I know who's directing which. I definitely know that Oda himself did Strong World and he did an absolutely good job.
  4. Week 4 LOL

    COLTS LOSING. MOTHERFUCKING FUCKITY FUCK FUCK. And how much the Bills suck. Fitzpatrick has more rushing yards than his entire team.
  5. Fringe

    Really? I thought she was okay for the most part. >_>
  6. One Piece

    ...and this is what exposed Bleach, i think. At least on the anime part, that is. The animation style pretty much can break/make an anime in some ways as it broke bleach. It relied too heavily on fighting that you -NEED- lush and fluid movements at all times which is lots of money/time being spent on episodes. Limited animation is pretty bad in cartoons like Bleach or otherwise, it'd still be "amazing" as everyone's jaws would drop in awe while watching fluid and lush movements in episodes like Ichigo vs Grimmjow, etc, etc. And there'd be a variety of music played throughout the series of Bleach until they decided to recycle melodies due to money, I think. I loved Bleach until they became economical and switched to limited animation, cut down on music, etc, etc, as many of you did. Anyways, enough of my ramblings. I think you guys get the point now.
  7. One Piece

    I know exactly what you guys hate about the anime atm: One Piece's use of limited animation, which means there aren't a lot of movements at all where there's a limited number of frames per second. And a lotta copy/pasta method whereas the entire picture is copy/pasted with only a -few- modifications to save money/time. You notice how the characters are seemingly "frozen" whereas their bodies don't move but only their mouths like they're stiff? Yeah, that's limited animation. There's no lush animation currently as you may see in something like... Digimon the Movie, some Bleach episodes, The Girl Who travels through time, etc, etc where there's a lot of loose drawings and a LOT of frames per second. However, using lots of frames per second costs a lot of money...and time, so I think One Piece is trying to go economical for a bit here while being a bit conservative about their use of resources. I did notice quite a bit of different animators being used here - some scenes are awkwardly drawn while some weren't. I'm guessing there are some less experienced animators that worked in this episode as well. Well, for this episode, it makes a lot of sense considering tons of dialogues / lack of action, etc, etc. We will see great episodes when One Piece decides to pool in some money and go all out - the episodes with lots of action and less dialogue ratio. I guarantee it. In short, they're just saving money and being conservative atm.
  8. Make something outta this!
  9. Fringe

    Ok, watching this show feels like watching lost combined with x-files in a way especially JJ Abram's love with zooming big letters, lol. Wow, I miss lost already too. Well, lots of mystique is going on and etc, etc. I just finished episode 1, season 1 and working my way towards the current season (which is on television atm). Does this show get better with time / remains good? Oh and I guess the third season can be discussed here as well.
  10. Terriers

    And more folks need to watch this show, imo.
  11. Terriers

    Extremely amazing, I love this show so far.
  12. Boardwalk Empire

    amazing episode 2. =] There was a funny moment like... Nucky: Hey, can you spare me some change? Midget: Sorry, I'm short. And that last 5 mins of that episode was wow. But ya, lovin' this show so far.
  13. Boardwalk Empire

    amazing episode 2. =] There was a funny moment like... Nucky: Hey, can you spare me some change? Midget: Sorry, I'm short. But ya, lovin' this show so far.
  14. Dexter season 5

    Harry > Dexter > Harrison And Dexter talking on the cracked mirror to Harry was amazing. That was such a symbol.
  15. Source: TMZ.com So I guess it's ok to hit moms now, right? Anyways, I'm not really sure what to make of this.