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  1. I drank Orange Juice all week, my immune system sucks. Idk maybe its cause my schedule is all types of fucked up
  2. :[ i woke up not feeling to good also. A lot of people around me have been getting sick
  3. oh shit son. When did the layout change. so slow
  4. yes! I'm really good at baking thank to my aunt. ahhh i can taste her homemade cakes now..
  5. i want some chocolate cake
  6. I miss being in a music class and playing my viola/singing Gonna pick up the acoustic guitar and learn Jazz piano from my uncle. Classical i'll learn on my own or get my old teacher
  7. my heart just melted <3
  8. Quake

    I'm all the way in CT and i was in hospital visiting my grandmother, shit scared me. I was about to jump under that damn table
  9. Theres hella deer near my house. Like it was 6 am and a family was crossng the street near burger king. Idk but that pic is beautiful and funny :]
  10. Jelly! Good luck on the interview and My condolences
  11. Video responses. Ask away

    I actually made it but, it came out shitty and it was around the time jose was moving :[[ -thinks and rubs chin- hmm...
  12. itt we post weird/disturbing shit

    Just out of curiosity, did you look into it because I posted about it on here a few weeks ago? And lol, Salo is an amazingly sick movie. I love it. I just went and read some of the excerpts from the book and read on the movie. My spirit doesn't feel right.
  13. Okay, i take back the soul destroyed thing I'm pretty sure there are people who enjoy it. I'm saying from my experience when i've seen interviews etc, they don't seem happy almost like, blank? And kinda put roles on. As far as the drugs thing, you're right I not going to claim and making an ass out of myself besides the heresay etc. These are the articles I could find that I've read: http://thepinkcross.org/pinkcross-articles/june-2009/porn-stars-speak-out-stds-drugs-and-abuse http://www.smh.com.au/news/opinion/the-obscenity-of-porn-xrated-and-exploitive/2007/05/28/1180205157478.html
  14. eh, most people in porn don't enjoy it and like someone else said they just swap stds around. I dont think the women honestly enjoy it, most of the time when people go into scenes they get high or drunk or pop pills or something before doing so. In porn you don't get paid enough to do straight scenes thats why a lot of women do lesbian scenes too. But even that has gone downhill as far as payment , so you have to start going into some serious shit. Like throating fucking hardcore or something idk At least honestly, from reading about it. A lot of the women who are in it, if you see them in interviews or on somewhere else they're not happy. I mean fucking yeah fun but because it has to be at certain angles I'm pretty sure it's not as enjoyable as the moaning lets on. They just seem dead inside to me. :/