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  1. i think im getting married

  2. Glads - Shit Deck Discussion

    Wow, even I forgot about Soul Charge.
  3. Glads - Shit Deck Discussion

    I would definitely focus on a Prisma build. Like Castiel said, more power. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think people are playing much of Effect Veiler right now which helps Gyzarus plays
  4. gladiator beast 2014

    I'd definitely fit 2 Trap Stun or 2 Seven Tools into this deck somewhere.
  5. YCS Chicago.dek

    Lol this got bumped? Oh man
  6. Gladiator Beast Augustal

    I'm super pumped for this card.
  7. YCS Chicago IL March 21st - 23rd

    Definitely gonna try to go to this.
  8. Good report! Awesome deck choice.
  9. Third place YCS Atlanta report

    Good job bro!
  10. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Fire Kings are sounding better and better. I think I'm gonna try them out. I'll post my build soon.
  11. Pilgrim Reaper

    This card seems pretty decent in Chaos Dragons. I'm not implying that Chaos Dragons have a problem milling, but milling 5 cards seems over the top good in the deck.
  12. ARGC Boston Dragon Rulers

    Wow                          .