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  1. i like fenced in dog parks. it's a really simple joy to watch my dog run across the field and socialize while also watching her enjoy fetching a ball. life's just so simple for her that it makes me happy.
  2. i went in to ghost in the shell with very low expectations and it did exactly what i expected it to do; look like it was directed by someone who read a wikipedia synopsis of the first movie halfway
  4. counterpoint: i actually was using brave 4.x the whole time thinking it was called carbon HEHE also that skin is bugged too
  5. works on IPS support; carbon is still my favorite though i'll report in if i have a burning desire to read awful posts again thank
  6. it's almost as though the universe is telling me unblocking goldentyranno's posts would be a mistake, but i still feel like i should bring this up: this option snaps your view to the top of the page this option yields this error: the third option gives me this:
  7. salutations my horse (used for ample situations in which one summons a horse to facilitate travel or in the event one is challenged to a race on horseback)
  8. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA also game comes out next week, who buyin
  10. short version: pot calls kettle black
  11. it's a good soda I wouldn't blame anyone for liking it