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  1. in retrospect i was very much considering not taking the summer semester for a number of reasons -16 wk courses condensed into smaller chunks, usually 8 wks which is a narrow time frame for the intensity of a 4000 level course. hell, there was a class for international accounting that was only 11 days long but it was 4 days a week and ran from 5:00-10:15 like holy shit -i get to have summer evenings and at least *some* me time -i'm currently living alone, so keeping up with groceries and general stuff for the house would basically only be possible if i sacrificed sleep -taking 4-5 night classes means that anywhere from 4-5 days a week i would be waking up at 5:30 and getting home at 10:00 and immediately going to bed -i'll probably have to do this in the fall anyway! -being able to focus solely on my job will probably help me maintain my sanity
  2. well this just fucked up, these courses filled up kind of unexpectedly. i was expecting more openings for 4000 level acct courses, but i guess i'm taking the summer off and graduating may 2018???
  4. essentially my degree, once i get it, opens up staff accountant opportunities which generally start at 45-50k, but a CPA is never required for a position like that; CPAs are for people who want to do tax and public audit, which is another pay raise. i haven't looked into what it costs to take the CPA exam but i was planning on doing it after i got my degree anyway. with a CPA you can go into public accounting/audit and from there private accounting/internal audit once you get your CIA, and both of those certifications are pretty large pay jumps. after CIA, it's chasing executive positions or consulting work, which is where you get the very large 6 figure salaries
  5. i listen exclusively to sorting algorithms and windows 95 sound files
  6. Also if I stay on the track I should have my degree by December of the current year
  7. accounts payable clerk. the CFO wants me to stick around for more than a year and is telling me I'll see promotions and pay raises with it so I'll have to see where that leads. i want to go into public accounting then shift to private but I'm not 100% what my long term goals are
  8. got my first salaried job; $33,000/yr with health, dental, life, paid holidays, paid vacation. i know 33k is on the low end, but i also don't have my degree yet so i think it's pretty ideal starting out. also my highest paying job yet and the attire is t-shirt and jeans lmoa
  9. i moonlight as an expert on dog theology, pm me if you have any interest in reserving your dog's spot in heaven, rates start at 97.99/hr
  10. unrelated, i am a successful dog whisperer, pm me for rates, usually start around $97.99/hr
  11. looks like a Beauregard to me (bo for short)
  13. i like fenced in dog parks. it's a really simple joy to watch my dog run across the field and socialize while also watching her enjoy fetching a ball. life's just so simple for her that it makes me happy.
  14. i went in to ghost in the shell with very low expectations and it did exactly what i expected it to do; look like it was directed by someone who read a wikipedia synopsis of the first movie halfway