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  1. i agree; scratchy/echo-y audio turns me away from streams. any specific recommendations for mics? thx m8
  2. i'm down for shelling out tbh
  3. probably will try that out this weekend; is there any mic in particular you use? i'm probably going to do no facecam + a logitech headset @Paraliel this also seems like your wheelhouse
  4. anything is helpful. i'd probably do my own design, i just need to know how to make them and then make them appear while streaming
  5. when sun and moon comes out i plan to be traveling to a lot of the regional events and playing but i thought a regular stream by me and possibly some other dg folks would be conducive towards bringing some life that we desperately need. streaming pokemon i've heard is especially specific, because you have to use a 3DS capture card or a specially modded 3DS, but i was wondering if anyone had any experience with streaming software, microphones, how to create and use overlays, etc etc. any help would be appreciated.
  6. trump won XDFDDDD LOL it's nothing but delusion. his highest point was complimenting hillary which was forced by the question though to his credit he said something nice to her and she could only compliment his kids but if you think he won the debate and wasn't whining the entire time you're as wrong as you were the first debate
  7. you are painfully unfunny and every post you make is forced and contrived for the purpose of getting people to like you and it comes off as robotic and shitty
  8. at least you get the animated spray, nice dude
  9. at that point why not just play it on PC?
  10. "i don't pay taxes because i'm smart" "rosie o' donnel deserved it" "WRONG" "well then the record is WRONG" "that is not nice" "perhaps my best asset by far is my temperament" the best thing about tuning into the debate midway is that i literally could not decipher the question from his long winded word salad soliloquy ass answers i get the mental gymnastics you would need to do to like the guy, but you're lying to yourself if you think he's not literally making this up as he goes and full of his own shit lmao
  11. what's horrifying about a pokemon who drowns other pokemon in sand that sounds normal to me
  12. the only thing that's stupid about alistar are his rhymes, dog
  13. 100% sure, saw it 2 feet from my face
  14. korey was popping blue pills out of an altoid can during his match with brady
  15. roadhog still fulfills the role of a tank by absorbing damage and then healing it back, which the 200-250 HP dps can't really do, even those with access to heals like tracer, reaper, and 76 he's just the the only tank without a shield which is his opportunity cost because blocking damage = blocking ult charge