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  1. Wumbo

    my first internet handle was acr64 on neopets.com because it was my initials and i liked the nintendo 64 don't fucking @ me
  2. Wumbo

    where will i go now for size 48 neon green names with numbers in them
  3. :thinking:

    chaotic neutral
  4. give me a subject and i'll type up a rap about it

    hey im rapture and im here to say that this poster is really gay

    i don't pretend to be emotionally invested in this HOT INTERNET DEBATE but jazz made a farewell thread for attention and never left, i feel cheated and lied to honestly
  6. Later

    i need attention AND I NEED IT NOW
  7. Pokemon vs Yugioh, which is harder?

    how do you decide who goes first in the sub game
  8. The Plural of Cactus

  9. really important poll :^)

    u guys are cgay lol

    Planktonbruhh-07/05/2017 hey could u help me pelase just one questioon rapty ♞-07/05/2017 what's up Planktonbruhh-07/05/2017 i was playing some one there and i was using chain burn and he found out where i live and he made a thread or forum about it on duelgrounds can u help me fiind the post or thread he said go to duelist groundz theres a whole forum dedicated to u and he said my city that i live in rapty ♞-07/05/2017 i think someone's been pullin ur leg man i don't see any threads like that Planktonbruhh-07/05/2017 can u look up Chain Burns that my name he said look it up rapty ♞-07/05/2017 http://i.imgur.com/4uyJpyV.png i think he's messing with you dude Planktonbruhh-07/05/2017 dont tell any one plz i lve in brooklyn and he said that city HEY DUDE DID U CHECK DGZ rapty ♞-07/05/2017 yes dude, the topic you're talking about doesn't exist Planktonbruhh-07/05/2017 wow maybe he took it down rapty ♞-07/05/2017 or maybe it never existed and he was messing with you most of the yugioh community consists of total pussies dude if he was threatening you he was probably just puffing his chest Planktonbruhh-07/05/2017 oh ok because some random dude i was versing said u live in new york and ur going to college some weird shit like oh we know about u at dgz rapty ♞-07/05/2017 should talk to him bout it cause that shit ain't anywhere on dg Planktonbruhh-07/05/2017 could u go on dueling book and ask him about it his duelbook name is ''notkaiba'' he says he didnt post my info but he knows it and says he has a link
  11. if you click on this topic you must post

    don't smoke b4 an interview
  12. if you click on this topic you must post

    darkest dungeon is super fun
  13. if you click on this topic you must post

    in retrospect i was very much considering not taking the summer semester for a number of reasons -16 wk courses condensed into smaller chunks, usually 8 wks which is a narrow time frame for the intensity of a 4000 level course. hell, there was a class for international accounting that was only 11 days long but it was 4 days a week and ran from 5:00-10:15 like holy shit -i get to have summer evenings and at least *some* me time -i'm currently living alone, so keeping up with groceries and general stuff for the house would basically only be possible if i sacrificed sleep -taking 4-5 night classes means that anywhere from 4-5 days a week i would be waking up at 5:30 and getting home at 10:00 and immediately going to bed -i'll probably have to do this in the fall anyway! -being able to focus solely on my job will probably help me maintain my sanity