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  1. microcenter said all my hardware passed their stress test and my power supply was melted inside :^) replaced it and fixed the problem so mad
  2. i moved this to general because tech support doesn't even bump recent topics
  3. So recently, about a month ago, my computer started restarting with no warning whatsoever. I play Overwatch, and this was happening while queuing for competitive games, which, due to my computer restarting, would get me temporary suspensions and ranked points loss because I would stay in the queue despite my computer rebooting. So I did my research and tried to apply fixes and so far, none of the fixes have worked. In order: - I tried downloading an updated version of BIOS for my ASUS Z97-A and updated it in the BIOS menu - I uninstalled and reinstalled my graphic card's driver software in safe mode (AMD RADEON R9 380 Series) - I replaced the thermal paste on my CPU and re-mounted my heatsink (Hyper 212EVO Cooler Master) - I reinstalled my OS (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, 6.1 Build 7601) and that only solved the problem for about 2 days. I've been focusing on finals, but now that I'm done I wanna turn my full attention to this issue, because I've had 10 restarts alone tonight, and it's making my otherwise very good computer very frustrating to use. I gave the computer to microcenter to do hardware diagnostic tests and apparently all of it passes, and they re-installed the OS as well. Oh, and I also can't update Windows right now, but that's kind of a miscellaneous error. Here's all my specs. Help me out here, I'm dying. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 380 Motherboard: ASUS Z97-A BIOS: Ver. 25.01 (4/27/15) Processor: Intel Core i5-4690k CPU @ 3.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz Memory: 20480MB RAM 2 8 GB sticks, 1 4 GB stick, all G.Skill Ripjaws OS: Windows 7 64-bit Professional 6.1 Build 7601 Heat Sink: Hyper 212EVO Cooler Master Hard Drive: 2 TB Hitachi HUA723020ALA641 SSD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250G SCSI Disk Device Power Supply: EVGA NEX750G/650G 80 PLUS GOLD I'll post anything else if you feel this isn't sufficient info
  4. that sounds like co-dependency of the worst variety
  5. 1) Best Admin/Necro/Mod (Choose 1) me for handing out my rep in a soup kitchen 2) Best Duelist probably yugioh dueling boden but i dont keep up anymore 3) Best New Member you all sucked p bad this year 4) Best Post when i called buckwheatloaf a jew-hating troglodyte and he only defended himself not being a troglodyte 5) Best Poster allen's been very on point this year 6) Best Sig disabled 7) Best Thread "is it gay" 8) Most Improved Poster markus 9) Sexiest Member relianah 10) Worst Admin/Necro/Mod wumbo LOL 11) Worst Duelist me LOL 12) Worst Poster tyranno, but it depends on what you mean by worst, cause this is clearly a point of contention 13) Worst Sig disabled 14) Worst Thread 2016 Election thread 15) Pokemaster me; i won the athens regionals next year 16) Mafia God probably malcolm right?? 17) Mafia Host with the Most probably malcolm right?? 18) Best "Other Games" Player (Includes anything covered in the "Other Tabletop Games" section of the forum) LOL remember that time denis voted for malcolm when malcolm called lfn a dog-eating chink SHINY NEW AWARDS!! 1) Most Popular satchmo2) Most Dramatic dennis frogman3) Most Confusing Poster buckwheatloaf 4) Friendliest markus5) Worst Gimmick anusyugioh or whatever his name is, he hates jews6) Most Attractive isn't this just sexiest member? relianah7) Most Intelligent Golden "Except" Tyranno8) Angriest Poster wumbo LOL9) Biggest Shitposter winter10) Class Clown me 11) Most Successful relianah 12) Poster You Wish Would Post Again 2013 dennis frogman
  6. attacked =/= light banter im certain reggie was about as serious making those comments as buckwheat is when he posts
  7. agreed. it will take me decades to recover from the loss of my 20000 upvote points
  8. remember when wumbo unfriended reggie on facebook cause they disagreed politically
  9. this game does a really good job of actually making gym leaders (or rather trial captains) memorable as characters, provides a fair bit of challenge with the totem pokemon, and is absolutely gorgeous easily the best pokemon ingame i've played