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  1. i saw it, 5/10
  2. when I was ten I thought of fusing Pokemon and calling it Pokemon black and now Nintendo owes me $13.2m in royalties
  3. easily; super effective moves being listed on the screen, removal of HMs, ability to edit IVs, etc, pokemon sun and moon has already shown that its made some really nice quality of life changes to the series
  4. I saw that too. I'd be very happy with those designs. Also looks like the theories pointing to the removal of gyms is looking more and more likely with the addition of Trial Challenges
  5. Several new pokemon; Oricorio, a dancer Pokemon who comes in Fire/Flying, Elec/Flying, Ghost/Flying, and Psychic/Flying, who copies dance attacks via its ability Dancer. Minior, a Rock/Flying Pokemon who is immune to status conditions and has tough defenses but when it reaches 50% HP, its shell breaks, putting it in a better form for attacking. Yungoos evolves into Gumshoos, a pure Normal-type with Stakeout/Strong Jaw. Mudsdale gets a pre-evolution named Mudbray. 2 new Pokemon named Formantis and Lurantis, pure Grass types with Leaf Guard that learn a new attack called Solar Blade. Riding Pokemon, though previously confirmed is now showcased, interestingly with Charizard meaning soaring could be seeing a return. Z-Moves are a new mechanic where a pokemon can use a very powerful attack once per battle as long as it has a move of the same type as the Z-crystal and is holding this corresponding crystal. Next batch of news due on Aug. 12
  6. The coverage team had a contract to stay til 9PM and it was 11 lol
  7. room for one more in our hotel also looking for cards to borrow, mostly monarch stuff
  8. it probably full stops all priority that would hit a target like quick guard so things like tailwind are unaffected from talon
  9. auto-electric terrain ability seems like a concession to dark void
  10. djinn in nekroz may have been one of the worst things to ever happen to the game but let's do it *again*
  11. Card of Demise has created a strategy where bread is eaten
  12. strong positive correlation between stricter gun control and lower death per capita by gun violence, there shouldn't be another necessary metric
  13. when you finally get good as widowmaker and clear 3 enemies off the objective for your team to cap the point