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  1. what's horrifying about a pokemon who drowns other pokemon in sand that sounds normal to me
  2. the only thing that's stupid about alistar are his rhymes, dog
  3. 100% sure, saw it 2 feet from my face
  4. korey was popping blue pills out of an altoid can during his match with brady
  5. roadhog still fulfills the role of a tank by absorbing damage and then healing it back, which the 200-250 HP dps can't really do, even those with access to heals like tracer, reaper, and 76 he's just the the only tank without a shield which is his opportunity cost because blocking damage = blocking ult charge
  6. the idea is that 3/3 gives you a ridiculous amount of sustain and also reaper, the game's only tankbuster can't beat you either. bastion's picked in less than 5% of high level matches, so you can't really say the 3/3 comp has to be concerned with him; plus it has ana sleep dart, roadhog hook, zarya shield, and zenyatta discord to mitigate bastion
  7. "you come to me on the day of my trainer's wedding"
  8. server's open to anyone interested
  9. https://discord.gg/ZUhyS
  10. specifically for nintendo's VGC 2017 format as their prize system has been reformatted (50k regionals 200k nationals etc) i'm going to make a discord server tonight and i wanted to gauge interest from anyone who would be willing to commit to group testing and travel to events and collaborate with i thought about keeping this in the pokemon channel on the dgz discord but it's already fairly dead and im gonna try and expand outside dgz @Sharpman @canasian @Sanjura @thoroughly modern afgncaap @Souji Seta
  11. i saw it, 5/10
  12. when I was ten I thought of fusing Pokemon and calling it Pokemon black and now Nintendo owes me $13.2m in royalties
  13. easily; super effective moves being listed on the screen, removal of HMs, ability to edit IVs, etc, pokemon sun and moon has already shown that its made some really nice quality of life changes to the series
  14. I saw that too. I'd be very happy with those designs. Also looks like the theories pointing to the removal of gyms is looking more and more likely with the addition of Trial Challenges